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Pros know the only way to transport their wireless gear is to have their systems rack mounted in a road case. The UX-DR is a rack mount kit allows you to install 2 UX1200R receivers into your 19-inch road case.


Easy installation of 2 UX1200R wireless receivers
Designed for a standard 19-inch rack width
Cover plate included for empty slot if installing only one UX1200R


Rack Mounting Holes width: 465mm on center
UX-DR Height: 44mm
UX-DR Depth: 100mm
Wireless Cavity Width: 213 mm
Unit Mounting Holes: Width 92mm on center , Depth 70mm or 50mm on center

#of UX1200R : 2
Hardware for installation of UX1200R: Yes
Hardware for mounting into road case: No
Construction type: Stamped Frame Steel
Warranty: 90 Days