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adobe pdf icon  V112E User Manual

  • Your guitar tone will be enriched with the V112E 12-inch guitar extension cabinet from Carvin Audio. Added richness is not only delivered from the EMINENCE GT12-8 speaker, but from the natural wood enclosure that features the advantage of an enclosed back. You not only get the crystal clear high-end, but also the deep, rich bass from your low E string that open backs can’t offer. EMINENCE loudspeakers are the leaders in guitar tone and this particular speaker was chosen because of its added definition for both single coil and dual coil humbucking pickups to reproduce all guitar harmonics. Its 1.75-inch voice coil is i deal. Any larger, the high frequency starts to roll off. Its high efficiency of 100 dB at 1 watt makes low powered amps sound big, and you will get deafening output form its 100 watt capacity. The 8 ohm impedance will match all amplifiers.


    The meticulous handcrafted construction is evident in every detail of the cabinet, plus you will appreciate its lightweight design using only selected woods, not MDF. The V112E’s exceptional tone and modern design make it the best extension cabinet for your guitar rig.