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  • The LT5800 5760W 2 Channel PFC Power Amplifier is a lightweight power amp which provides maximum headroom with pure amplification of the original signal source to extreme levels, covering all frequencies without added color. The LT5800 is designed for the largest events with multiple subs, and features a single space 1U frame, is 2 ohms capable, and includes PFC Power Factor Correction, which is internationally recognized as the foremost self-regulating power supply for high-end amplifiers. The LT5800 has exceptional headroom with lower power requirements than amps with a traditional power supply. Other models available in the LT Series are the LT2000 2010W 2 Channel PFC Power Amplifier, and the LT5204 4 Channel 5150W PFC Power Amplifier.
    The LT5800 2ch model delivers 1010W RMS at 8 ohms, 1690W at 4 ohms and 2880W at 2 ohms from each channel (5760W 4 ohms bridged).


Crystal clear transparency

Crystal clear transparency is provided by CLASS D output stages featuring linear circuits with a near theoretical zero distortion level. Fast slew rate 50V/μs circuits produce power at extreme levels, delivering audio in its purest state with no added color. 

Single rack space Frame Design

Features include the 1U all steel 1.76” H X 19” W frame. The space saving lightweight design doubles amp rack capacities over traditional 2U designs.

PowerCON™ AC connector

The twist-lock design of the PowerCON A/C connector is the professional standard for touring amplifiers.

Advanced Air Flow Design

Cold air is drawn in from the front and expelled out the back, cooling the amp with cold air from the front of the rack.

Channel Inputs

The XLR balanced inputs help reduce signal interference and allow longer cable runs from your signal source (mixer, etc). 

Speaker Outputs

Twist-Lock connectors are featured for high power applications. Secure the Twist-Lock cable connection by turning to the right to the lock position. Twist-Lock outputs are compatible with standard 2-conductor Twist-Lock cables. A 4 conductor Twist-Lock cable will enable bi-amping with one 4 conductor cable. 

Protect and Limiter Circuits

The PROTECT circuit will engage when the output load draws excessive current or a direct short is detected caused by a shorted speaker cable or speaker system. Thermal protection is also included in the PROTECT circuit. The LIMITER is designed to protect against distortion by automatically reducing the signal to prevent hard clipping, which helps protect the drivers. This feature can be turned off if desired.


The LT Series also accommodates for distribution systems. Connect a number of speakers with 70V transformers (in parallel) to the output of the amplifier to drive multiple loudspeakers in a given venue.

Input Sensitivity Adjustments

Input Sensitivity adjustments allow you to decide how much input signal is required to achieve full power output from the amplifier. Choose from four levels of adjustment from +2dBu (.97V) to +12dBu (3V).

Universal Power Supply Design

AC voltages from 100-240VAC 50-60Hz are accommodated, including unregulated generators.

2 OHM Stereo / 4 ohm Bridge

The flexible design of the LT Series allows for both 2 ohm stereo and 4 ohm bridged operation.