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adobe pdf icon          UX1200LP1 User Manual
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  • Package Includes:
    1 UX1200R Wireless Receiver (506 MHz - 542 MHz)
    1 UX-LP1 Lapel Microphone
    1 UX600B Beltpack Transmitter

    Experience the freedom to move about the stage without the constrains of a wired microphone with the UX1200LP1 Wireless Lapel System, which is the ideal solution for spoken word presentations.
    The UX-LP1 Lavalier microphone is designed for speaking engagements where high intelligibility is required while maintaining a natural sound with crisp highs and defined low end. The UX-LP1 compact design allows for discreet placement on the speaker or presenter so the microphone will not distract from the person delivering the spoken word.

    » Designed for persons giving a spoken presentation or lecture.
    » Compact design allows for discreet positioning.
    » Excellent alternative for presenters and speakers not wanting a headset mic.
    » Included alligator style clip allows for easy positioning on a tie or lapel.
    » 4-Pin TA4F style connector works with Carvin UX, SHURE and Anchor Audio systems.

    One UX1200B can serve as 3 different workhorses in your inventory. Choose different accessories such as the PERFORMER 1T tan over ear headset microphone (also available in black), the UX-LP1 lavalier microphone or the UX-GT 1/4-inch instrument cable.