EM902 Earbuds for the EM900 In-Ear Monitor System


High definition audio earbuds for your EM900 in-ear personal monitor system. The EM902 delivers a high quality listening experience to your performance. Delivers deep defined bass while producing intelligible mid range and natural highs. The included 3 different sizes of soft earbud tips ensure the perfect fit and isolation from the outside world. These multi use in ear headphones also work great for listening to music while traveling, exercising or any other activity where you want to escape into your music. 


» Includes 3 sizes of soft earbud tips 
» 3.5mm input jack
» Adjustable "y" slider for securing the EM902 earbuds behind your head
» Left/Right indicators on each earpiece


» Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz
» Type : Dynamic
» Impedance : 16 ohms
» Sensitivity @ 1kHz : 114dB/mW
» Distortion : less than 0.3%
» Cord length : 58” Inches

Paul Damico Escondido, CA
"Wow! After using floor monitor wedges for over 30 years I am amazed at what I've been missing with the EM902 earbuds. We can hear every nuance of our sound while eliminating feedback and gaining the ability to roam the stage without having to remain in a direct line with floor monitors. This system has changed our lives for ever. Not to mention the fact that we travel lighter and setup faster." 

John Rezzelle PA
"The best earbuds I have ever tried with just dynamic drivers in them. They out perform the so called name brand ones, lets just call them S version 4, and they cost 1 /10th the price. Great Job Carvin having these on your site." 

Joel the Drummer Camp Hill, PA 
"After gigging for years with the usual $300 IEM buds, I found the EM902's, and I love the fact that my sound guy can put a good bit of bottom end (my 24" kick) in these with out taking away from everything else I want to hear. These are just a great product, and they fit tight, leaving just the right amount of drum noise for me to hear perfect. I love practicing and gigging with these, and I have not even come close to needing new tips yet! Best thing is my ears never ring after a gig. Good stuff Carvin!!!" 

Ryan Rister Denver, CO 
"I play lead guitar in a very loud 80's cover band and use these for my in ear monitor system. These earbuds are very comfortable. If you like bass-heavy earphones, these are not for you. They are very clear with a very accurate representation of your vocals, keys, or guitar in your ears. Solid mids and highs and very natural sounding. The wires are very stout and I expect these to last a long time. For the price, you really can't beat them!" 

Ervin Hagler Santa Rosa, CA 
"I have several high end consumer type ear buds and thought I'd give the EM902s a try through my Churches in ear monitor system before spending more on the usual name brands. In comparison the EM902 buds are way more sturdy and I liked the sound quite well. Pro quality, nice comfortable universal fit, no sound leakage (we use a click), sweet price and the sound quality holds it's own more than enough. Don't hesitate to buy these if you want a great value for in ear monitoring. Another get real audio deal from Carvin. Thanks!" 

Chuck Costello Houston, TX 
"I just got the EM902 earbuds a few days ago. I wanted to test them out because my drummer has the more expensive Shure model earbuds that he uses as an IEM and in rehearsal and I thought that these would sound just as good. Boy was I wrong...they sound better! I was concerned about lack of bass response as some reviews for similar earbuds complained about the lack of this. These earbuds won't rumble your eardrums but I have absolutely NO TROUBLE with any bass response from any songs. I've plugged these straight into my computer and played all different types of recorded music through them (including a rough mix of my band's new album) and everything sounds great. We rehearse through headphones with all amps and drums mic'd up and I got these for that purpose. They're incredibly comfortable and I'm sure I could wear these through rehearsal and not have ear fatigue as I often do after wearing clunky headphones for hours. I feel completely confident that when I choose to purchase the wireless IEM system in the future that I will not be let down." 

Tedro Colorado Springs, CO 
"The EM902 ear buds are not only the perfect companion for the in-ear wireless monitor, they are also perfect for listening to your iPod/iPhone/smartphone/MP3 player as well. The sound quality is excellent, and far superior to most (if not all) ear buds out there at a comfortable listening level. If you crank them up, sure they'll distort some, especially if the tunes are heavy on the low end, but at a reasonable level, they are superb.

I'd like to add that these are indispensable when jogging, as they fit so well that simply turning your head one way or the other will not cause them to fall out of your ears, like so many poorly designed ear buds (you know what I'm talking about), especially the ones that came with your iPod/MP3/etc. player.

With that in mind, please always be careful when wearing these out in public and watch where you're going. It's very easy to step in front of a moving vehicle or other hazard when you are distracted by the tunes in your ears, and never use them while driving. Many states are considering laws to limit their use in public because people do stupid things with them on that would otherwise be able to hear someone say, "Watch out Buddy!" A steal at twice the price, as long as they are used properly."