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adobe pdf icon  User Manual
adobe pdf icon  UX1200 Series Frequency List


  • 1 UX1200R Wireless Receiver (506 MHz - 542 MHz)
    1 UX600B Belt Pack Transmitter
    1 PERFORMER1T Tan Headset Microphone

    The UX1200BP1T System with the PERFORMER1T Tan over-ear mic is designed for speaking and theatrical engagements where high intelligibility is required while maintaining a tight, natural sound with crisp highs and defined low end. The PERFORMER1T is capable of reproducing a high vocal SPL input while maintaining a clean undistorted output. The over-ear design makes for quick hassle free use for the speaker or performer. Add a UX-DR dual rack mount kit for a complete solution.



The UX1200 wireless headset microphone system transmits between the FCC approved spectrum of 506MHz and 542MHz.


Two external RF receiving antennas constantly search the RF environment for the strongest signal to give you the best possible performance with minimal dropout.


Battery Status, Channel Groups, RF Environment Scan, MUTE, LOCK, Squelch, Attenuate and Gain adjust -18dB to +12dB make it easy to sound great at every show.


Transport and protect your wireless system with the included UX-DR Rack mount Kit. Mount two systems in a single rack space.