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adobe pdf icon QX15A User Manual 7/2021 
adobe pdf icon QX15A User Manual Thru 6/2021 
  • Incredible sound and easy operation make the QX15A our finest 15-inch active loudspeaker. Premium DSP processing from Analog Devices™ delivers controlled sound from its 4 selections of normal intelligent sound, monitor playback, DJ, and external sub functions. 2 amplifiers provide enhanced intelligibility, one for bass and the other for high frequencies plus power to spare from the 1000 watt output. The QX15A’s deep, rich bass and crystal-clear high-end projects far to the rear with intelligent articulation so everyone can hear clearly. 3 different inputs are offered for Mic, Line, or BT operations with an extended range Bluetooth™, streaming stereo wirelessly from your phone or tablet. Pair a second QX15A for a true wireless stereo setup or mono operation that doesn’t require a second cable to connect. The universal power supply adapts to all countries for 115 or 230 VAC 50-60 Hz operation. The QX15A can be used with a stand as a main, as a floor monitor, or installed from its 3-point mounting system. Its precision assembly and rugged design, which includes a water-resistant molded enclosure and powder coated steel grill is ideal for touring. The QX15A is a premium, universal powered loudspeaker that projects distortion-free, high fidelity audio to your audience.


1000 WATTS

The QX15A features 1000 watts of bi-amp power. One amplifier powers the 15-inch woofer delivering powerful bass with plenty of headroom while the second amplifier powers the high frequency driver delivering crystal clear highs. 


The perfect all in one solution for small gigs. The three channel mixer allows you to connect an instrument and microphone into separate channels so you can mix the perfect sound without needing an external mixer. Use the LINE/MIC button to set the appropriate gain for Channel 2. For the Bluetooth 3rd channel, use the volume on your bluetooth device to achieve the desired mix. 


Stream audio wirelessly using the built in 3rd channel Bluetooth feature. Connect a second QX15A and link the cabinets together to have a true stereo connection. The LINE OUT allows you to send the audio to the TRx3118A subwoofer for a total wireless sound system solution. 


We added advanced DSP processing and made it extremely simple to use so whether this is your first speaker system or you have been running sound for decades, you can dial in the correct mode quickly. Choose from NORMAL, PLAYBACK/DJ, MONITOR or EXT SUB (for use with an external subwoofer like the TRx3118A).


The tilt back design of the QX15A makes this a dual purpose loudspeaker. Use as a stage monitor for one show and as a main on a different show. 


The QX15A comes equipped with two large pocket handles and a 1.5-inch (38mm) pole mount cup for using the QX15A on top of the TRx3118A or other subwoofer as a satellite main loudspeaker.


The QX15A feature three M8 x 1.25 fly points on the loudspeaker for installation in clubs, churches and schools.


The QX15A is designed to accept voltages from 115-230VAC 50/60Hz so no matter where your gig takes you, the QX15A is ready to go to work for you.