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This video digs deeper into the wide array of sounds that the Legacy Drive tube preamp pedal offers. Discover how to achieve your own tonal signature with this amazing pedal. Click here to order your VLD1 Legacy Drive Pedal today!


  • Posted On February 18, 2017 by Luis A Class Vendrell

    Great sound, great look, definitely I want one as soon as possible. I need rush an OD Pedal to play in my church here in Texas

  • Posted On February 18, 2017 by Mark Holmes

    If you are really going to call this fine tube pedal a “pre-amp”, you left out one feature….a effects loop. If I wanted to place the pedal in the return of my amp’s effects loop, the Legacy pedal would need an effects loop for my time-based pedals. Asking $500 for this pedal without this feature is a bit much…I can buy a AMT Tube pre-amp that has clean, crunch, and lead channels, and a effects loop for alot less…..just saying…..

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