April 03, 2019

Have you ever been in the middle of putting on an epic onstage performance, only to accidentally unplug your guitar cable right in the middle of a solo? Or maybe it wasn’t even your fault and your singer stepped on your cable while he was working the crowd, unplugging your guitar from your pedalboard and resulting in a few unintended seconds of silence. To some, these are simply the byproducts of live performance. But to others, these unexpected cable issues are something that they’d go to great lengths to avoid.

It goes without saying that trusty quarter inch cable is a mainstay of rock and roll; when we unravel them, tuck them behind our straps, and triple-check that they’re plugged in all the way, it’s with the understanding that these simple tools are the lifeblood of our rigs - that is, until they are unplugged or tripped over. For performance-minded musicians, implementing wireless systems into your setup can be a big upgrade. Here are a few ways that making the move to wireless can help you perform your best.

  1. Freedom of movement. Whether you like doing guitar flips or walking out to the crowd to interact with fans, the onstage freedom allowed by a wireless system untethers you from the restraints of traditional cables. There’s no need to worry about tangles or running out of length as you wander the stage. This is the primary benefit of switching to a wireless system.
  2. Ease of use. While they may seem complicated to operate upon first glance, wireless systems are actually quite simple to use. With most units, you just need to plug in the wireless jack to your instrument, select a corresponding channel on the receiver, then pair the two. It’s not much more complicated than plugging in the old fashioned way.


Carvin Audio’s WG5 Wireless Guitar and Bass System offers unparalleled simplicity in a compact package. It is very easy to set up; simply power on the transmitter and receiver, select a channel on the receiver and pair the transmitter to it, and you’re ready to rock.


  1. Neatness and portability. For even the most organized players and patient players, properly coiling and storing cables after gigs, especially while hurriedly breaking down your set before the next band goes on, can be one extra thing to worry about. Using a wireless system clears away a lot of clutter and helps save space in your gig bag for other essentials. As long as you remember to charge or change the battery on the wireless system as needed, you’ll always be good to go.


The WG5 comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which only requires two hours via an included USB charging cable to reach full charge. This is as simple as charging a cell phone and reduces environmental waste caused by batteries. An LED will conveniently flash when the battery is low, taking the guesswork out of wondering how much power you have left.

In the quest for the perfect tone, the quest for the performance is often overlooked. If you feel like your cables are holding you back from putting on the best show you possibly can, it may be worthwhile to explore the possibilities in wireless systems. Today there are options that are simpler and more affordable than ever.

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