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BX250 Portable Bass Amp Solution

Ask any bassist what the worst part about playing bass is, and chances are most will tell you that it’s moving their bass rig around. That, or being underappreciated. But let’s face it, bass amps and speakers have a reputation for being heavy, cumbersome, and a mission to move.

To reach a similar volume level as an electric guitar, a bass guitar needs more wattage and more speakers. The low frequencies of the bass guitar simply require more power to reproduce. Add up those powerful amplifiers and gargantuan speaker cabinets and you’ve likely got a rig that is heavy, but not in a good way.

But it’s 2016, and you no longer have to have a big rig to get a big sound. Carvin Audio’s MB Series bass amps take all the essential features bass players need for the stage or studio and combine them into lightweight, portable packages that won’t have you throwing out your back during load-in. Available in 1x10, 2x10, 1x12, and 1x15 configurations with a variety of extension cabinets, these innovative bass combos will let you focus more of your energy on your playing and less on moving your gear around.

Based on Carvin’s popular BX250 bass head, the MB Series amps offer a professional, all-in-one solution to take your bass rig on the go.  A powerful 250 watt RMS power amplifier provides plenty of power on tap. When it comes to shaping your tone, the MB series provides incredible versatility with a drive control that goes from clean to gritty, a flexible four band EQ, dual parametric mid controls, and a contour knob to easily adjust your midrange content.  To top it off, the series even comes with a built-in active direct box with its own level control for those times when you want to go straight into the PA or mixing board. You can use this with or without the internal speakers, which is perfect for recording direct. For bigger shows, the 210MBE and 115MBE extension speakers allow you to fill the room while still allowing tremendous portability. Add them to your setup for a modular, easy to move rig.

Carvin Audio’s MB Series bass amps are the complete package for today’s working bass player. Whether you’re spending your days on the road or your nights in the studio, Carvin’s MB Series Amps are designed to make your life and load-in easier without compromising your sound and tone. So go ahead and tell your guitar player he won’t have to help you get your amp on stage, and take the sedan to the gig tonight. The Carvin MB Series has got you covered.


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