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Amps with Visual Expression

Music is all about expression, from the style of music you play to which gear you choose to play it. Even what you wear and how you or your band’s stage setup looks contributes to your overall identity as a musician and performer and helps the audience connect with you. This is important because while live music fans want to be entertained, many also want to feel that the musicians playing the music they are listening to are interesting, funny, or unique in some way. A good live show is not only entertaining and fun, but caters to both sight and sound. People say they are going to go see a band play a show, not that they are going to go listen to a band!

If you're a local act on a strict budget and with only a few minutes to set up at your gigs, it's probably not a good idea to bring along a full lighting rig, costumes, and a pyrotechnics show. You should probably leave that stuff to the touring professionals, but that doesn't mean there aren’t other things you can do to step up your band’s visuals a notch!

Carvin Audio and Amplifiers offers an extensive selection of vinyl covering choices that will help you customize your rig, express yourself, and of course, turn heads! Are you into snakeskin? Great, we’ve got two shades of it. Need something a little more vintage and rustic for your 50’s cover band? Go ahead and add on a Country Western finish. Or maybe you need a bright red to match your drummer’s kit or your bassist’s shoes. Cool, add on a Red Jungle Bark finish to your amp. Carvin’s professional, American built gear combined with a full line of exciting custom colors will help you stand out both sonically and visually.

Choosing a custom vinyl color for your equipment adds visual appeal and attitude without adding any extra time to your set up, so you can focus on what’s important - playing music- without worrying too much about looking good. Carvin Audio’s got you covered.


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