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AG300 Amp for Singer-Songwriters

If you’re a singer-songwriter or one man band, your amplification needs are much different than your typical rock group. Sure, you can bring your half stack or PA system into the coffeehouse or small venue, but it certainly is overkill, and your back will hate you, too. And if you play multiple instruments during your set, forget about it! It is just not practical to bring one of each amp into the gig, unless you’ve got a crew of hulking roadies or really, really good friends to help you out.

Whether you’re an open mic night warrior who just isn’t happy with the sound from the house PA or a traveling showman looking to simplify your setup, Carvin Audio’s AG300 is going to be your perfect partner in crime. It comes equipped with a powerful 200 watt internal amp and has three input channels to accommodate not only your guitar, but bass, vocals, and keyboards too. The amp is designed to faithfully reproduce the nuances of each instrument and is equipped with horn-loaded 12-inch speaker, and 6.5-inch mid speaker, and a titanium tweeter providing a high fidelity, full-range frequency response. This is perfect when your friend makes a guest appearance on bass in one of your songs and he didn’t bring an amp! When a guitar and bass are plugged in and played simultaneously, the signal quality of each instrument is crystal clear and will not degrade. The cabinet is tuned for bass and can even accompany cello and upright bass, so you won’t have to worry about anything but playing your best.

Instead of leaving your sound at the mercy of the soundman, each channel of the mighty AG300 comes with its own equalization controls, so you can really dial it in. All three channels come equipped with active bass and treble controls, and channels one and two feature parametric mid EQ for fine tuning. Compatible with all your gear, the AG300 even lets you take your pick between XLR or instrument inputs for each channel.

If you want to kick it up a notch or add a little something special, every channel on the AG300 has high-quality digital effects, such as echo (delay), chorus and reverb built right in. You won’t have to bring along any effects pedals or rack effects to the gig! For extra functionality, the AG300 also has a 1/8-inch phone jack for CD players, drum machines, and other electronics, letting you accompany yourself with ease with sequenced drums or backing tracks. An integrated USB charging port even ensures that your device won’t run out of juice on the gig.

Weighing in at only 30 pounds, the AG300 is a convenient, all-in-one solution for smaller gigs. Streamline your setup today with the Carvin Audio AG300!


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