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Carvin Audio TRC Column Array System

If you're a musician, DJ, or sound professional who has had to deal with PA systems, you know the drill. They are usually heavy, cumbersome, and take up a lot of space in the van, weighing you down on the way to the gig and especially in a touring situation. And while most music venues will provide a sound system for your performance, most inevitably you will play a gig where the PA has gone MIA. Or maybe there is a sound system, but it is on its last legs and isn’t able to put out the best sound to give your performance justice. With Carvin Audio’s TRC Active Column Array Systems, you get professional, high-fidelity sound in a portable package that gets the job done at any gig. These innovative systems feature full range, dynamic audio that will fill the venue and help your audience enjoy your music on a whole new level.

You’ve probably noticed that standing in the front row of the audience helps you become more immersed in a band or musician’s performance, but guarantees for a painful night of your ears ringing as you are blasted by sound from the PA system. If you decide to go to the back, you won’t be able to hear the band as well, making your live music experience less than ideal. Carvin Audio’s CDD™ line array technology utilized in the TRC Systems solves this age-old problem, eliminating that unpleasant front row experience by offering a smooth linear phase response and uniform projection. So when you’re in the front, the sound is big and punchy, but not harsh. If you’re in the back, the sound is still clear and focused. Every TRC package is versatile and designed for power and clarity.

The TRC200A package is great for smaller clubs and halls. It comes with two TRx3903 column array speakers, which disperse sound clearly and evenly, effectively covering the venue with consistent, focused sound and volume. These speakers are only five inches wide and are low profile, blending nicely into any stage and providing the audience an unobstructed view of the band. It also comes with a single TRx3018A, an eighteen inch powered subwoofer that puts out deep, room-filling bass and can go even lower with its Enhanced Bass feature, which when engaged lowers the cabinet’s frequency response! If you need more speakers for bigger venues, you can step up to the TRC400A, which comes with four TRx3903 speakers and two TRx3018A powered subwoofers. The TRC600A takes it to the next level with four TRx3903 speakers and four TRx3018A subwoofers!

Carvin Audio TRC600A Column Array System

TRC600A 10,000 Watt System

If space is an issue, you can change it up with three additional column array system packages using Carvin Audio’s compact TRC3010A as the subwoofer. This powered subwoofer packs the same 2500 watt amplifier and offers incredible output for its compact size. It comes equipped with 4 factory programmed EQ contour presets so you can adjust the sound to your use and simply plug and play. The TRC210A package comes with two TRx3903 speakers and one TRx3010A, while the TRC410A package comes with four TRX3903 speakers and two TRx3010A subwoofers. For the ultimate in power and headroom, the TRC610A fits the bill with four TRx3903 speakers and four TRx3010A subwoofers.

Carvin Audio’s convenient TRC System packages make it easier than ever to get your show on the road, streamline your professional audio set up, and keep every member of your audience engaged with your music.


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