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Did you know:

Did you know the Carvin Audio HD series power amps have a 100Hz low pass crossover built in?  This is great for adding subwoofers to your system.  In many simple cases with full range top cabinets, you don't really need to crossover mains to the subwoofers.  The full range mains can still run full range and you can just add subwoofers to the system.  With the HD amplifiers, there is a low pass filter switch on the back for each channel.  You can run your full range tops on one side and your subwoofers on the other side with the low pass filter switch push in.  For more power you can bridge the HD amp and use the low pass filter switch on channel one to get full bridge power in to your sub. This would use the full amp for your subs and you would need another amp for your full range mains cabinets.  With added subs, many pro sound guys like to put them on a separate mix on the mixer. This way they can send only things that have sub frequency content to the subwoofers. This removes wasted power from vocal mic handling, stage noise and unwanted low frequency feedback from microphones that do not have sub frequency content.  Add some subs to your rig today and power them with the HD series amplifiers.

HD Series Power Amp with Low Pass Filter


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