March 21, 2016

PA for Band

If you're a singer, you know the struggle. There you are at band practice, singing your heart out into the mic, but the rest of the band is drowning you out. No one can hear the vocals, and you can't even hear yourself. You can't help but wonder if you just can't sing loud enough. But fret not, chances are you just have to rethink your PA system situation!

Whether your band is rehearsing or in the heat of a gig, being able to hear the vocals is absolutely essential. This means you need the right PA system for the job. For vocalists, a proper system that lets them clearly hear their voice will help them stay on key and on their game. Other band members often refer to the vocals to cue in transitions or easily keep track of where they are in a song. Having a crisp, powerful vocal sound benefits everyone in the band.

For most working bands, the ideal PA system is powerful, durable, easy to use, and doesn't require roadies to move around. However, it can be difficult to find a system that meets all of these requirements.

This is where Carvin Audio’s active PM series speakers come in. The PM10A, PM12A, and PM15A are active speakers with built-in mixers for easy plug and play functionality. All you need to do is power it on, plug your microphone in, and you’re good to go! Not only is this convenient, but it also helps you reduce your setup time and get the show on the road more quickly. You can also plug in other instruments as well, which is great for the times when your bass player forgets his amp.

These versatile speakers put out tons of power with a 400 watt internal amp, so your band’s vocals will come through loud and proud. Further tweaks can be made with the built-in equalization system, allowing you to sculpt your sound to your liking. For additional versatility, the PM series are stackable and have an XLR output, so you can daisy chain out to additional speakers for the bigger shows.

The PM series speakers are molded from rugged polypropylene and have a steel grill, so you can rest assured they will endure years upon years of heavy-duty use and won’t fall apart during transport.  Need to practice at your drummer’s house instead? No problem. The PM series speakers are lightweight (the PM10A is only 23 pounds!) and come with side handles for easy moving. Step up your band’s live sound today with the PM Series!

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