BR515 500W 15 Inch Combo Bass Amp


List:$1,058.00 $519.00

The BR515 features Carvin's new BX500 bass amp, in a tiltable combo enclosure loaded with a 15" driver and titanium HF driver. 

The BX500 amp is a sleek head with easy to read instrument knobs offering an array of features - 3 EQ sections, high power and an ultralight 5.5 lbs chassis. It delivers 300w at 8 ohms, 500w at 4 ohms, plus it can be used at 2 ohms. The CLASS D power output section runs extremely cool and doesn't take much power from the wall. The 12AX7 preamp tube gives the warmth that bassists are looking for. Two switches sit next to the input jack: a conveniently located Mute switch, and an Active/Passive switch to tailor the input to basses with different pickup configurations. The BX500 has your standard Drive knob by the Input jack and Master Volume adjacent to the power switch. A single knob controls the optical compressor with an auto limiter, and a red LED show you when the compressor is in operation. The convenient front panel Direct Level sends the preamp signal to the mixer. 

The nine-band graphic EQ is footswitch-able, as well as via a switch on the front plate. But in addition to this EQ, the BX500 also has a four-band, two sweep tone control section that offers parametric frequency changes to the low mids and high mids, resulting in an almost unlimited number of options for dialing in your perfect sound. These features give the BX500 a truly versatile voice, but your tone shaping doesn't end there. There is a Contour knob that further refines your sound from Scooped to Flat. Two combination Speakon™ - 1/4" outputs, 2 ohm operation switch, footswitch, Direct Out balanced XLR, tuner/phones output, effects loop and tube bypass switch cover the rear panel. 

Beneath the sharply-dressed exterior, the BX500 has unsurpassed versatility, great tone, and useful features to help you get any sound you want. 

- RMS 8 Ohms: 300w, RMS 4 Ohms: 500w, RMS 2 Ohms: 500w limited 
- 8 ohms Dynamic Peak: 600w 
- 4 ohms Dynamic Peak: 1000w
- Output Mode: High Efficiency CLASS D technology
- Power Supply: High Efficiency High Frequency switching
- Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20KHz
- THD: 0.1% @ 50% output
- 1% 20-20 kHz @ 90% output
- Damping Factor: >300
- Preamps: Three CLASS A
- Passive/Active Input: 10 dB gain switch - accommodates all basses
- Preamp Tube: 12AX7 switchable in/out
- Bass/Treble: +-10 dB at 100 Hz and +-12 dB at 8k Hz
- Contour control: Flat to -126 dB at 400 600 Hz
- 1 Mid Parametric: +- 10 Db sweepable 100 to 800 Hz
- 2 Mid Parametric: +- 10 Db sweepable 800 to 3k Hz
- Graphic Equalizer: 9 band +- 10 Db @ 63, 120,250,500,1k,2k,4k,8k,16k
- Compressor/Limiter: up to 30 dB - convenient one knob control
- Direct Out: - 50 to +4 dBV adjustable, Balanced 600 ohms
- Effects Loop: -10 dBV In/Out buffered at 10k to keep source constant
- FS22 Footswitch: Graphic EQ on/off, Direct Out MUTE on/off
- Soft Start: gradually turns the amp on to prevent surges
- Speaker Protection: protection circuit immediately disconnects your speakers
- Over-Current: protected, Under-Voltage protected, Thermal protected
- AC Voltage Input: 100-250V 50-60 Hz
- Rack Space: 2U adapter end-plates
- Dimensions: 20.7" wide X 18.5" deep X 23.8" high
- Net Weight: 57.5 lbs
- Made in San Diego, CA


Shelby New Jersey 
"This is the best amp I've ever played and certainly the best that I've owned in the 43 years I've been playing." 

James Bruno Arkansas 
"I have been looking for a small, light bass combo amplifier with enough power to give me the head room I like and also drive an additional cabinet if need be. This one fills the bill. For practice and smaller gigs it has worked out great (easy to carry for an old guy), and for larger venues I run a 2x10 box to supplement. I own other Carvin gear and have never been disappointed!" 

Bill Brubaker Oceanside, CA 
"After weighing all the options in and out of my price range the BR515N was a no brainer. It was below my budget and the sound is fantastic, oh yea it only weighs 40 lbs. My next move will be a matching 410 cab to complement the 15." 

Henry Yan Burnaby, BC Canada 
"I was very reluctant about ordering an amp online unseen or unheard. I tried out the BR515N at the San Diego head office and liked what I saw. Later, I ordered the amp and received it by the end the week, very nicely and carefully packed. After trying it side by side against my other stacks and combos, I was both disappointed and delighted. Disappointed that I spent so much time and money on my other gear (all higher end gear), and delighted that I was able to get my elusive sound from this highly affordable combo. This combo is light, inexpensive, and extremely loud. It doesn't rattle at all, even at a wall shaking volume. I was also able to get an extremely good sound within a minute of fiddling with the controls. The tube really gives it a nice warmth that I haven't heard in other hybrid-type amps. I've run various 4 and 5 string basses (Fender American Deluxe P-bass, 5 string Musicman Stingray, Tokai Talbo basses, Schecter Model T, Rickenbacker 4003, Peavey T-40) through, and all of them sound extremely good. The lows were thumpy without being muddy, and the highs were clear without being abrasive. As this amp was good with all my basses, I no longer need all my other stacks and combos. Not sure about the longer term, but for now, I am extremely pleased with my purchase. You cannot get better value in the market for the quality, volume, and sound. The only disappointment is that I can't get a matching extension cab to add 2x10's to my 1x15 combo." 

Willy Franklin Pittsburgh, PA 
"I've had this amp for over a year and it's been flawless!! Super for over 100 gigs. It's also GREAT for recording. Very quiet... I've used it in the studio with a large condenser mic and it sounds great... Kudos Carvin!!!" 

Mark Poniatowski Winnipeg, Manitoba 
"I bought this amp unheard except for the video. I can't be more happy! The tone options are excellent, like everyone has said before, it takes a few minutes to dial in your sound. But what a sound! The versatility is exceptional. The power is more than adequate. I run this amp with a PS15C 8 ohm ext. cab and in all seriousness I need nothing else. The DI.. excellent, 2 ohm switch.. future blessing, parametric mid control.. outstanding. The real bonus? I sold my 97lb 4x10 to a much stronger individual, no more back busting gear! All in all this is the amp I will use always, small gigs to big gigs, this amp does it perfectly! Thank you Carvin for all the gear I have purchased... J99 pick ups, PS15C driver, bass tuners, and of course my sons DC747 which alone is a beautiful and amazingly functional tone machine and work of art." 

Ron Lake Villa, IL 
"I needed a powerful amp right now and looked at many combos and settled for my BR515 bought it on it's name and reputation. It showed up on my front door, I opened it and was impressed with the packaging and it was love at first site. I was able to put it in my back seat and show up to my gig, sound check and just a few adjustments and wow what a sound, the tube really gives it a warm classic rock sound. I stood close while playing and felt my pants leg moving. This is a powerful amp and pairs up nicely with my Ampeg SVT HLF410. Buy this amp at the super low price and you won't be disapointed." 

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