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  • Amp Going into Protection Mode? Here's What it's Telling You

    7 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Amp with Protection Mode

    Imagine if our amps could talk- there would be a lot less incidents of blown speakers and mismatched impedances! While no one- even the most experienced guitar techs- can immediately determine exactly what caused an amplifier to fail without taking a look under the hood, some units do give off warning signs that there is something wrong to prevent that costly replacement or trip to the repair shop. Naturally, if you are really familiar with your amp, then chances are you know when it’s being pushed past its limits or set up incorrectly. But what happens if one day you’re not paying close enough attention or using a different setup? Today, we are going to discuss an overlooked, unsung hero of your amp- the protect light. Chances are you know it’s there, but you may have never seen it come on, or you have and you’re wondering what it’s trying to tell you.

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  • Speed Dating for Guitar Amps? How to Discover What Your Amp Can Really Do!

    5 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Steve Vai on Stage with Guitar Amps

    Maybe “dating” is the wrong word but then again, most musicians develop a very close bond with their equipment. There are some significant advantages we gain as we become intimately familiar with a guitar amp and discover the settings that make it come alive for us. But sometimes you may find the need to learn your way around a new amp quickly; occasionally you might want to evaluate a purchase, get to know an amplifier you just bought, or are asked to play a show where the amplifiers are ‘backlined’ or provided (and you can’t control what they give you to play through). Whatever the reason you find yourself in new territory, a simple method many amp techs use can be very useful in “finding the sweet-spot” quickly on any guitar amp.

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  • Why Too Much Low End is Actually Hurting Your Bass Tone

    4 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Bass Tone

    A constant challenge in dialing in your bass sound live is finding a tone that is clear and articulate, yet maintains power and heft in the low end. This elusive sweet spot will have to be dialed in on each and every stage you play on. Carvin Audio’s bass amps come equipped with all the EQ and tone shaping tools you need to make this happen; it’s just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the controls and using them correctly. This article will give a basic rundown on addressing an important aspect of your tone: your low end, specifically around the 40Hz frequency range.

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  • Five Things You Must Bring to the Gig: Part 2

    9 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Gig with Band

    In our previous article, Five Things You Must Bring to the Gig: Part 1, we talked about your gear and an emergency bag. In this article we cover 3 more things you must bring to your gigs to ensure you have a successful performance.

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  • Five Things You Must Bring to the Gig: Part 1

    20 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Guitar Players Jamming at Gig

    Whether you are a professional musician, an aspiring student or someone who plays for fun, chances are that sooner or later you’ll want to find a gig. Perhaps you were invited to play a top venue or you were called to fill in for a pro band for the first time. Maybe you were asked to play for a friend’s wedding or lead worship for your congregation at church. Wherever you are invited to play there is always one thing that most gigs have in common: you’re expected to show up ready to play.

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