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  • How to Create Separation Between Bass and Guitar in Your Live Mix

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    Bass Player and Guitar Player at a Live Show

    Have you ever been at a live show and realized you can only hear each instrument clearly when the player is taking a solo? Have you also heard where one person takes a solo and everything else drops out? While these situations are not necessarily bad things, for instance a band that creates a “wall of sound” can be tastefully heavy. Creating separation between instruments can really help an audience appreciate the nuances of each band member’s playing and improve dynamics.

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  • Transparent Gear: What is it, and Does it Really Matter?

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    Transparent Gear: V3 Guitar Amp

    Spend some time on any online gear forums, and you'll likely find the word “transparent” gets thrown around a lot, especially in reference to effects pedals and guitar amps. It’s often touted as a good thing for many reasons. While different musicians have varying definitions of what qualifies as a transparent sound, the term generally refers to the way in which a piece of equipment adds minimal, if any, of its own tonal qualities to the original instrument’s sound.

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  • How to Choose the Right Rig for a Five-String Bass

    7 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Rig for 5 String Bass

    If your primary axe is a five-string bass, you may need to take some extra care and considerations in choosing the bass rig that will help you sound your best. While most bass gear will work fine- all of Carvin Audio’s bass amp heads and cabinets, for instance, accommodate four and five string players alike- it's important to take some time to dig into the specs and features of the next rig you have in mind. While your ears will be the ultimate judge, this article will cover three simple things you could look at in your prospective rig or even your current one: the frequency response of your cabinets, the equalization options of your bass head, and the total wattage of your rig.

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  • Shortcuts to Becoming a Virtuoso Guitarist or Bassist, Part 2

    7 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Virtuoso Guitarist

    As we concluded Part 1 of this series, we were looking at different areas you might want to include in your rehearsal plan. Let’s look at some more focus points:

    Efficiency – Steve Lukather was one of my favorite players when I was a kid. When he played fast it was like something exploded inside him! But he still had incredible control of his phrasing and his bends sounded like they were crying. One night at an LA showcase gig, I was lucky enough to be invited to play in a group jam at the end of the night, right there on the same stage with Steve! Paying close attention as he began to solo, I immediately realized he was using some kind of magic- his fingers didn’t even move!

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  • Shortcuts to Becoming a Virtuoso Guitarist or Bassist, Part 1

    9 comments / Posted by Bruce Ohms

    Practicing Guitar

    Admit it, I caught you looking. Even though some part of your musician’s mind probably was screaming, “There are no ‘shortcuts’ to becoming a virtuoso!” And your musician’s mind was right, at least to the extent that there are no shortcuts. But if you find yourself “stuck in a rut” as a teacher friend of mine used to say, you might need to revisit the basics of your practice routine and make some adjustments.

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