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adobe pdf icon X1 User Manual

adobe pdf icon MACH 100 User Manual

adobe pdf icon V112E User Manual

  • Package Includes:

    » 1 X1 Tube Preamp Pedal
    » 1 MACH100 Stereo Pedal Amplifier
    » 1 V112E 100W 12-Inch Guitar Extension Cabinet

    The design criteria for the X1 was to deliver the
    sounds of the classic Carvin X-100B amplifier in a
    compact package with added connectivity. The result is a full tube preamp in a pedal format, able to fit in a carry-on or backpack. The X1 incorporates tube technology with simple, yet flexible modern features to interface with many types of gear.

    The MACH100 100W (50W/50W) Stereo Pedal Amplifier is designed for the modern guitarist who wants a compact high output amplifier that fits right on the pedal board. Use the stereo 2 channel amplifier to drive two guitar cabinets with 16, 8 or 4 ohm impedance. The LINE IN jack allows you to insert a backing track into your performance. Using the PHONES output, you can monitor the amplifier output using a 3.5mm stereo cable. The LEVEL control allows the user to adjust master volume of the amplifier. The MUTE switch lets you instantly control the output of the amplifiers with the press of the switch. Step up to the next level of compact amplification today.

    Enrich your guitar tone with the V112E 12-inch guitar extension cabinet from Carvin Amps and Audio. Added richness is not only delivered from the EMINENCE GT12-8 speaker, but from the natural wood enclosure that features the advantage of an enclosed back. You not only get the crystal clear high-end, but also the deep, rich bass from your low E string that open backs can’t offer.