V3MC 3-Channel All Tube Micro Combo


List:$1,259.00 $899.00

The V3M amp was a huge hit at the 2011 NAMM Show, with players raving about the amazing sound and versatility. It was awarded Best of Show.  The small size and selectable power output makes the V3M ideal for dorms, apartments, as well as live performances and recording when mic'd or connected directly to the board.

The 50 watt V3MC combo amp is the musician's dream, delivering awesome power with incredible tone including lush reverb. Its powerful 50w output easily drives the GT12 speaker while the 7 or 22 watt setting delivers sweet saturation at low levels. 

The all tube channels can be engaged with your footswitch for normal "Pristine Clean" for shimmering highs and deep bass. Switch the channel to classic rock with the deepest metal crunch or continuous sustain. Or, switch to another channel for rich harmonics infused from the "Soak" control for rich Jazz or country blues. Each channel incorporates its own character drive switches - "Bright to Soak" and "Thick" to "Intense" with EQ switches expanding the tone. Never before has there been so much tone and power from a micro series. 
Don't forget to include the optional FS44L-V3M footswitch when purchasing the V3M amp. The footswitch allows for full switching of all channels, reverb and the boost.

- POWER & STANDBY (switches)
- Channel Select: 1 & 2 (switches)
- Channel Select: SELECT & CH3 (switches)
- CONTROLS for each of the 3 channels:
   - DRIVE
   - BASS
   - MID
   - INTENSE/THICK- 2 ch’s (switches)
   - INTENSE/SOAK - 3rd ch (switch)
   - EQX - Ch 1-3 (switches)

- Tubes: 4 EL84, 4 12AX7
- POWER MODE (switch)
   - 50, 22, 7 watts
- IMPEDANCE (switch)
   - 4, 8 & 16 ohms
- LINE OUT cabinet voiced (jack)
- EFF LOOP send/receive (jacks)
- MASTER BOOST (adjustable control)
- FS44L-V3m or FS22 FOOT SWITCH (jacks)
- 120 or 240 VAC 50-60 Hz (switch)
- Covered in black vinyl
- Made in the USA


- Channels: 3
- Power: 50W/22W/7W selectable
- Impedance: 4/8/16 ohms selectable
- Tubes: 4 EL84, 4 12AX7
- Speaker: 12" GT12
- Lush reverb
- Speaker Outputs: 2
- Line Out (cabinet voiced)
- Effects Loop (Series)
- Master Boost Control
- Optional Footswitch: FS44L or FS22
- 120 or 240 VAC 50-60 Hz (switch)
- Dimensions: 16" (40.6cm) wide X 9.3" (23.6cm) deep X 17.75" (45cm) high
- Weight: 36 lbs (16.4 kgs)
- Made in San Diego, California 

Mark Stevens, New Jersey
"The V3MC is a tone monster and fits in nicely with us tone chasers"!

John Schleicherr, USA
"Beautiful clean on 7 watt power setting with archtop. Hard to beat Carvin Construction, why I keep coming back. Reliability that allows buy it once and use it for life. A rare quality in today's economy."

John Nasserr,Kittanning, PA
"I have been a Carvin User for over 40 years. I own VM100, X100B and Now V3MC and a DC135 and V220, Absolutely love the V3MC. I bought it to take out to open stages opposed to hauling out a 50lb head and 100lb cabinet but it may become my main gig amp. Usually play classic tracks and metal and the vm100 has been the main stay. VM3 I can get the blues sound for the open stages and just love the versatility. I can go from clean, to slight break up for Little Wing, to a classic blues overdrive, straight to Crazy Train all in one amp without twisting a knob on the amp!"

Dave USA 
"I received my Carvin V3MC last week and have been using it in practice situations. I'm hoping to test it in a live environment very soon. I opted for the speaker upgrade to a Celestion Vintage 30 and I'm pleased with the result. I already own a Carvin Legacy I head and matching 4x12 cabinet with the Vintage 30 speakers so it seemed like a natural choice. For venues that are large or outdoors the Legacy is a great sounding amplifier at a very affordable price. I get nothing but very positive compliments on its sound wherever I perform. My goal in purchasing the V3MC was to have a compact amplifier for smaller venues, recording, and practice situations. Over the past week I have noticed that the V3MC is powerful, versatile, and easy to use. The control options are very user-friendly and responsive. The features, size, and price point of the V3MC make it an excellent addition to any guitar player's collection. I did extensive research into 1x12 all tube combos before making my choice and I'm very happy that Carvin released this new product before I made my decision. The staff at Carvin responsible for designing this amplifier did an great job!" 

Eddie St. Louis, MO
"Got my new V3MC and my 112V set up not too long ago, and all I can say is WOW! I get more compliments on my tone now than I have ever gotten with my other Amps. The sound tech that we work with love the fact that I can crank this thing to get my tone, but not be so loud that it drowns out everything else stage. The craftsmenship ie second to none. I have only had one issue with the amp so far, and that was losing a couple of the pre-am tubes not long after I recieved it. HOWEVER, Carvin sent me a COMPLETE new set of pre-amp tunes, and even included a couple of different ones so I could change my tone a little if I wanted. I purchased the upgraded Celestian speaker with my combo, but did not on the 112. Kinda wish I had now, but the combination of the two differnt speakers, and cab configurations gives a great tone on stage. I got mine with the Python cover, 4 button footswitch, and the amp cover. I'm hoping they decide to make a cover for the 112V as well. Purchasing this rig has easily been one of my best investment decisions. Right up there with my decicsion to buy a Heritage Guitar! Thank You Carvin for an excellent product!" 

Thomas L Bridgewater Hutsonville, IL 
"Got this amp last week , used it last Saturday at a bar gig. This thing is awesome!!! Small but Mighty package. This thing is right in the same group as my Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 but half the weight to pack around. Three channels PLUS the variable Boost! Only the Nomad had that before this. Whoever said this was germane transistor sounding does not know how to use a good quality tube amp. I had all three channels set at home in under an hour! I played loud with the master volume on 3 - 3 1/2 on the 50 watt setting. distortion chords are clearer , also cleans up nicely when rolling the guitar volume off a little. If you want a versatile and portable package you cannot lose with this!" 

Matthew Manuel USA 
"This amplifier is wonderful. Read my full review here: http://www.guitardigs.com/2011/05/05/carvin-v3m-combo-review/

W. M. Hyattsville, MD 
"The V3MC amp is fantastic! I have a Mesa 5:50, but your product is definitely a better quality! The product is full-featured and has perfect tone. I love this amp!" 

Henry Yan Burnaby, BC Canada 
"After breaking my back and putting a few holes in the wall from carrying either my Mesa Roadster combo (90 lbs) or my Peavey JSX combo (80 lbs), I decided that something lighter was needed for smaller gigs, practice, etc.. Because I was so happy with the BR515N bass combo (see my review), I decided to give the V3MC a try. Again, thoroughly impressed with the speed it came to Canada and excellent packaging. All I can say is holy c***p! The Mesa is great with humbuckers, but not so good with clean tones or single coil sounds (my opinion). The Peavey is great for high gain, but sounds almost too metallic. The V3MC, however, is just right. Great with humbuckers and single coils, extraordinary clean tones and great blues, rock and metal tones. The only disappointment is my inability - so far - to find that milky singing violin tone I can get with the Mesa. I'm also finding it a bit strange getting these sounds from such a light amp, but this is something I just have to get used to; I guess that heavier doesn't necessarily mean better! I think a comparable amp would cost 2x this one. It'll take a while to get a really good feel for the amp, but I am extremely pleased with the product. As I told my wife, this amp is the keeper amp I'll be taking to the old folks home long after the Mesa and Peavey have been sold. I just hope the python skin covering matches my wheelchair at that time." 


David G. Walker, New Jersey
"Just beginning to use my V3MC. Love the expansive features and clean sound of this combo amp, especially for the price. The brown alligator skin looks awesome. Looking forward to using at my next gig."

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