UX600R Wireless Receiver Module


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The UX600R wireless receiver module installs into the following Carvin Audio products: S600, XP800L, XP1000L, RX1200L, and "C" series mixers. The addition of the wireless reciever allows the user to choose from the handheld wireless mic UX600M, or the belt-pack transmitter UX600B. Both are sold separately. Check the specifications for the mixer as each has a different number of mounting bays for the UX600R receiver. The 600KIT mounting kit is required to install the UX600R receiver. Installation is easy. Simply remove the blank panel from the mixer and connect the internal cable with to the connector board included in the 600KIT mounting Kit. Then connect the board to the UX600R receiver and secure to the mixer with the included screws. The wireless signal comes into an existing channel on each mixer and that channel can still be used with wired microphones, increasing your total number of inputs. See the mixer manual for further details.


See manual under documentation for more information

Group / Channel selections: 6 Groups of 21 channel presets
Total Frequency settings: 1441 manual selections (0.025 Mhz increment)
RF Bandwidth: 36 MHz
RF Frequency Band: 506-542MHz
Reception format: Diversity, PLL Synthesized
Stability: +/- 0.005%
Image Rejection: >60 dB
RF Sensitivity: <-107dBμ for 12 dB S/N AD
Signal-to-noise: >105 dB
THD: <0.6% @ 1kHz
Power/Signal connections: internal (no output jacks)
Dimensions: 3.30"W x 1.22"H x 3.20"D (case only), 4.15"D (overall)
Net Weight: 4.3 oz
Accessories: (note: transmitter is sold seperately)
UX600M wireless microphone transmitter
UX600B wireless beltpack transmitter
UX600-KIT (required for mounting in Carvin mixers, holds up to 2 receivers)

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