TS100 100w Tube Power Amp


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Pure tube warmth was the objective in designing the TS100 Stereo Tube Power Amp. With an all-tube circuit path, this objective has been met. A total of four 12AX7 tubes and four EL34 power output tubes deliver 50W per channel or 100W bridged of power to the speakers. From the mirrored chrome front panel, to the double sided, mil-spec FR4 circuit board, this amplifier offers total quality. Whether used as a guitar amplifier or as a home stereo amplifier, the tube purist can enjoy the sounds of the TS100. Because the TS100 is so true to its all tube design and performance, it also makes an ideal high power audiophile home entertainment tube power amplifier. Made in the USA.

- All tube design, 4 12AX7, 4 EL34
- Internal bias selection switches for each channel (EL34 or 6L6/5881)
- Front panel volume and presence controls 
- Front panel power and stand by switches
- Rear panel impedance, bridge, parallel, and ground lift switches
- Premium construction features metal bushings and shafts
- 19" 2U all steel chassis with Chrome front panel and knobs
- Dimensions: 3.5" high x 19" wide x 10.5" deep
- Weight: 25 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California

Alan E. Stansbery California 
"Great sound. I wanted a 'clean' amp, that wouldn't color the sound too much. That's exactly what I got. Thanks... " 

Mike Long Beach, CA 
"I don't know why you don't see more guitarists taking advantage of this amp. This thing is incredible. It's the perfect match for almost any speaker combination." 

Pete Coventry, CT 
"The Carvin TS 100 in conjunction with my Digitech 1101 PreAmp is unbelievable. The guitar signal goes through a Digitech 1101 PreAmp into a BBE Sonic Maximizer and then into th TS100. I love the fact that you can run the amp in stereo giving me the option of switching one side to 6L6s. From the Power Amp I am running 6 Cabs, Left side: MesaBoogie vrtical 2x12 with vintage 30s and a Carvin 1x12. The right side is Mesa Boogie vertical 2x12 with a Carvin British series and Carvin vintage speaker, I am also running a JCM 800 1x12 with a Carvin Vintage series speaker. THIS AMP RIPS!!! Just turn the Volume up to 11 and adjust the pre-amp volume to the disired level." 

Rusty Chicago, IL 
"I must say, I am very impressed at the airyness, oomph and just downright drtail to music this amp has. I am very impressed with it's overall performance. The bass is great, highs, and midrabge are all clean, clear crisp sounding, this is only 500 bucks. I could spend $2000 and not get the results from an amp like this. I have used many tube amps from VTL, Mcintosh (old vintage stuff) and this is like state of the art meets classic tube sound. Sound is very warm and unpoilished. I would recomend this to any tube lover for its overall quality. I may suggest a good pre-amp and good speakers, as you WONT get the same result from a cheap mixer or Fisher speakers!! I am using the B&K PRO-10MC with Axiom m-80 speakers and a Arcam CD transport. I am sold. I will buy another just to bridge them and get the full effect! Thank you Carvin for a great product!" 

Ted Henry Portland, OR 
"This is the best amp I have ever owned!!!! I run a Boss Gt-8 into it and then into 2 4x12 cabs. Very loud, Very reliable. Best tube power amp for the bargain of a price that Carvin sells it for. Easy to use, Looks great in a rack and very responsive." 

Brion Hughes Austin, TX 
"The TS100 is Awesome!! I've got grooove tubes in mine & it's flat out rad! My set up consists of a Boss GT-3 linked to a Digitec GNX2, the TS100, 2 2x12 mohogany cabs loaded with 16ohm Shefields & Advant Sound Lab 12's. Can you say headroom!! using the stereo inputs, the output is pristine & clear as, well glass. Clean sounds beautiful & any distortion just thumps!! It's soooooo LOUD!! Crank the knobs past 3/4 & it just flat out kills!" 

Douglas Carpenter Baltimore, MD 
"I can't speak enough about this power amp. I run my guitars into a Digitech RP1000 Multi-effect unit which goes into a 15 band graphic eq for different rooms and venues which then goes straight into my TS100 and finally into a Mesa 2x12 Recto Cab. My tone is the best its ever been and I have unlimited headroom. From crystaline clean (even with EMG loaded guitars) to the heaviest, crunchiest distortion, the TS100 powers it perfectly. Thanks Carvin!!" 

Tracy G Arnold, CA 
"I have been using Carvin since 1982 And love it. In 28 years I have had one Problem and Carvin handled it very quickly and professionally. I am about to buy my 2nd TS-100 with the 6L6s to run with my POD HD500. This amp is pretty bullet proof, light compaired the the competition and full of sound. I run through a 4x12 loaded with v30's and the sound is incredible. You can't go wrong with this amp and the price...Well, to me its a no brainer!" 

Mark Chicago, IL 
"I love this amp. It has plenty of power, and is incredibly versatile. I bought it so I could use it for both my bass and my guitar amp. All I have to do is switch out the preamps and cabinets. I have a 2x12 guitar cabinet that I made myself, and I have a Carvin 1x15 bass cabinet, and it powers both of them quite nicely. The sound is fantastic, and it's got plenty of power. I was worried that this amp wouldn't have enough power to play with a drum set since my old amp put out 400 watts, but it has plenty of power. It even has power to spare. And of course, 100 watts for a guitar amp is incredibly loud so no worries there. This amp is a champion. 

I then got the idea, after reading some of the reviews, to use it as an amp for my home stereo system. I plugged this into my pair of Bowers & Wilkins, and I can't even express in words how amazing the sound is. I was using an Adcom 5 channel power amp. The Adcom is no slouch, but the sound quality doesn't even compare. I then tried it out in bridge mode with an old Velodyne subwoofer I have, and again, the sound quality is amazing. I will be buying two more of these; one to bridge and power my subwoofer, and the second to power my Bowers & Wilkins. I already put the Adcom up for sale, and got the TS100 only two days ago. I am a huge fan of Carvin, so take that as you will. This review may be admittedly somewhat biased. But I can guarantee, if you buy one of these, no matter what you use it for, you will not be disappointed. 

Other Carvin products I own include: H2 Holdsworth guitar, LB70 Bass, BR115-8 1x15 bass cabinet, and a close friend of mine has the Belair 2x12 50watt guitar combo amp. Every one of these products is top notch, and for a price that absolutely cannot be beat." 

Chris Cannon Albuquerque, NM 
"This amp is great! I use it as the main amp. This power amp gives me the volume I need for many different place my band plays. From small clubs I can crank up the level to fill the room. If we play a big place where they have monitors, I can roll the level down, and still get the tone/volume I need. Put this together with my preamp, best piece of gear I own. Keep up the good work Carvin." 

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