TRX2215A 15 Inch 2-Way 2500W Active Main Loudspeaker


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Carvin's TRx 2000 Series loudspeakers are a high performance solution for bands, audio companies and concert venues. They feature the latest innovations for optimal performance of both live and music playback with the goal of providing the best sound at high SPL levels. These high performance systems are designed for today's pro audio applications and are protected by a 5 year warranty. 

The TRx2215A is an active 2500 watt tri-amped, compact trapezoidal, 3-way enclosure. The trapezoidal design allows multiple cabinets to work together as an array cluster for very wide coverage. Twelve internal fly points provide connection for overhead suspension. The TRx2215A 3-way dual 15-inch system will provide the most powerful main cabinet output for today’s demanding music. 

Large Format Drivers and Tour Grade Construction 

The TRx2215A is equipped with two of our TS15-8s, high power cast 15-inch woofers featuring a 3-inch voice coil with a low heat high peak power capacity design and a 1.4-inch High frequency large format driver with a 2.5-inch titanium diaphragm for clean and clear highs from 20khz all the way down to 1100Hz. The enclosure is constructed and braced with CNC machined 13-Ply Premium Russian Baltic Birch plywood. The front grill is powder coated steel with acoustically transparent foam backing for a cleaner look and added protection. 

Active 2500W System 

The 2500W Active, X-Drive DSP processed, tri-amp module features input and through balanced XLR connectors, input volume level, terminal block remote level/mute control, and input and through locking IEC AC power plugs. The 2500Watts is divided into three amplifiers a 1000W amplifier for each of the 15-inch woofers and a 500W amplifier the 1.4-inch exit high frequency driver. The internal X-Drive DSP processing maximizes performance output and protection using up to 48DB/oct crossover filters, parametric EQ, alignment delay, and limiters. The module features two selection buttons for the over all cabinet EQ mode and for the Bass mode. 

The EQ mode has three selections: 

- Normal or "flat response" mode for straight live sound applications were the sound should come from the performers and the mix, and not be changed by the speaker’s response. 

- Enhanced mode - for dance play back or a club setting with a minor mid cut and bass bump. 

- Monitor mode - designed for stage monitoring or when coupling two cabinets together to keep bass and microphones under control. This is good for side fill applications and very small venues where the performer to speaker distance is small. 

The Bass mode has three selections: 

- Normal mode – In this mode the natural full power low end response is preserved. The flat response is kept intact, for straight live sound applications. 

- Dynamic Extension- In this mode, the ultra low end will come alive lowering the cabinet’s frequency response another 15Hz and boosting the 50-80Hz response. The DSP will control the output to keep this added response inside the limits of the speaker. 

- External Sub – In this mode the low end is high passed at 85Hz for use with an external subwoofer. 

Stack It or Fly It 

Adding to the versatility of the TRx2215A are the multiple suspension points and foot receptors. The top of the cabinet features foot receivers for stacking TRx2215As. Stacking can help with multi level coverage in events with both seated and standing or amphitheater seated audience. For permanent installation, 12 fly points are provided. The fly points are steel reinforced, captured 3/8in-16 nuts for use with eyebolts and shackles. Fly points on each side of the top and bottom can be used to suspend the cabinet and suspend another cabinet underneath. The top and bottom also include a rear fly point for pulling the cabinet back to create down or up angle coverage. 

For systems, contact Carvin Audio professionals at 800.854.2235 for assistance in designing and ordering your system!

System Type: 2500W active tri-amp, X-Drive DSP processed, dual 15 Inch 3-Way 
Freq. Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz (-10DB) 
Coverage Pattern: 80H x 50V 
Crossover: Tri-amp active DSP design 
Crossover Freq.: 1.1 kHz 
Sensitivity: 1.4Vrms, volume level full 
Power: 2500W 20ms burst (1000W, 1000W, 500W) 
Maximum SPL: 134 dB Peak 
LF Driver: Dual 15 Inch, 3 Inch voice coil 
HF Driver: 1.4-inch exit, 2.5 inch voice coil 
Enclosure: 15mm 13 ply Russian Baltic Birch 
Suspension: 12 captive 3/8in-16 nut fly points 
Finish: Black DuraTec™ 
Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel, Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing 
Connectors: One XLR male and One XLR female, terminal block for remote volume/mute 
Dimensions: 41" high x 19" wide x 20.5" deep 
Net Weight: 94.4 lbs (42 kg) 
Rigging Accessories: TCSHK10 3/8-16 Eyebolt, TCSHK58 5/8 Shackle 
Made in the USA 

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