TC4300 Column Array


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  • Compact column array systems for large events
  • CDDTM (Constant Delivery Dispersion) technology
  • 20 Degree horizontal coverage
  • TC rigging interlock sliding plates for quick and secure setup
  • Optional TC ready rigging accessories
  • High power, peak efficiency design
  • Black DuratecTM UV & weather resistant finish
  • Russian Baltic Birch construction

The TC4300 is the new era of high output, wide coverage loudspeakers with an incredibly high output to size ratio. The TC4300 is an compact column array element. Each column element consist of twelve 3-inch high performance drivers with a 120 degree horizontal coverage. The technology used in TC4300 produces a smooth linear phase response from 150Hz to 18kHz, and uniformly projects clear sound. For optimum performance, two column elements arrayed vertically per side powered by the TC4018A subs will evenly cover an area with high intelligibility and consistent SPL more effectively than a conventional point-source systems. The TC4300's slim 5-inch width, along with integrated top and bottom TC rigging plates and pins make it quick to setup and visually unobtrusive.

The CDDTM technology provides a full bandwidth of smooth linear phase response with uniform projection from the front to the back of the venue. As you get close to the array, the level is clean and friendly while the rear is loud and clear. The CDDTM technology eliminates the excessive "front row blare" and feedback caused by having to turn up conventional systems to reach the back of the event.

System Type:   CDDtm Column Array  
Freq. Response:   135 Hz - 18K Hz (-10DB)  
Coverage Pattern:   120H x 10V Single cabinet  
Crossover:   none internal  
Crossover Freq.:   minimum 150Hz at 12dB/oct. 
Power:   6 ohm: 240w continuous, 480w program, 960w peak 
Maximum SPL:   131dB (1m); 128dB (2m) 
Driver:   12x Faital Protm 3-inch drivers 
Enclosure:   Russian Baltic Birch 
Suspension:   2x TC rigging plates, 16x Fly points 
Dimensions:   41.5" high x 5" wide x 5.25" deep (1055 mm x 127 mm x 134 mm) 
Net Weight:   29 lbs (13.2 kg)  
Accessories:    TC-Tbar, carry bag  
Built in USA

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