SNK16P 100 ft 16 Channel Cable Snake


List:$499.00 $399.00

A high-quality pro audio snake is critical for any performer's live setup. Carvin's SNK16P 16 channel snake is perfect for groups that need multiple channels to their mixing board. The 100' length allows the snake to be routed to an optimal location in the backline or studio, and the cable is extremely flexible for easy coiling. The aluminum enclosure is light and durable, and the anti-reflective black connectors ensure crystal clear sound. Braided steel strain relief protects the cable for long life, even under harsh touring conditions. Includes canvas bag to protect connectora when not in use. 

- Anti-Reflective black connectors
- Aluminum black extruded enclosure
- Premium XLR connectors
- Braided steel strain-reliefs
- Heavy 22 ga oxygen free copper wire
- 16 channels, 8 returns

- 100' length
- 16 channels, 8 returns
- Premium XLR connectors

David McAllister Sunnyvale, CA 
"I own the C1648P 16 channel powered board and I have out board gear for larger gigs so i picked up a SNK16P 16 Channel Snake to allow my amps to sit near the stage for a clean look. This snake is awesome because it is very clean. No buzz, hiss or crackle just clean signal. The 8 subs allow me to use the board and all of its features such as the 6 seperate monitor mixes. I run in ears for 4 vocalist and passive monitors for the drummer and keyboard player. I am very pleased with the sound quality and versitility that all of my Carvin gear provides for my band Performance after performance." 

Jon T. Evans Abilene, TX
"I dont know why I ever bought anything but Carvin, this thing is very well built and is so easy to roll up. " 

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