SCXSYS3A Complete SCx 5000W Active PA System


List:$3,899.00 $2,999.00

SCxSYS3A Package Includes: 
- 2 SCx1253 Main/Monitors
- 2 TRx3018A Active Subwoofers
- 2 PRO5TL Speaker cables
- 2 C25XLR 25-foot XLR cables

The 5000 watt SCxSYS3A complete SCx PA system includes everything you need for small to medium venues, including rehearsal spaces, coffee shops and small clubs. Carvin's SCx 1000 Series Loudspeakers feature the latest innovations for both live and recorded music playback, incorporating "smart crossovers" and drivers that deliver a "very musical" sound quality at high levels, up to 134 dB peak, plus your investment is protected with our high frequency driver Speaker Guard™ circuitry. Rugged construction features CNC machined, multi-ply Baltic Birch enclosures covered in weather and UV resistant Duratec™ coating. NL4 twist-loc & 1/4-inch input connectors are featured for full-range or bi-amp use, plus radiused steel powder coated grills, large side handles and recessed pockets for stacking, all covered with a 5 Year Warranty. These high performance systems are designed for today's Music Industry pro audio applications. 

The SCx1253 is a high performance, compact 3-way dual 15-inch loudspeaker. The dual 15" woofers are co-planar mounted, resulting in a compact size that produces exceptional bass with real low-end punch. The featured 6 1/2-inch mid-range horn loaded driver adds a new dimension to vocals and drums. The high frequency mylar compression driver features a 90x50 degree horn with a 1-inch exit extending the response to 20k Hz. The NL4 twist-lock connectors allow for easy bi-amping, and with its 4 ohms impedance it has the capacity of 3200w peak. This wide dispersion 3-way loudspeaker delivers high intelligibility with studio quality sound, and a high SPL peak of 134 dB. There is nothing on the MI market with this performance and compact size. 

TRx3018A Subwoofer 

The TRx3018A is an active 2500W, X-Drive DSP processed subwoofer with an additional amplifier output for running a top main cabinet. The TRx3018A is simply our finest single 18-inch powered subwoofer system featuring power for external cabinets. The high power, cast frame TS18B woofer features a deep 23mm, inside/outside wound, 4-inch voice coil with outstanding deep bass performance. Optimized presets for several Carvin cabinets are factory programmed for simple connect, select and play setup. The 2500W active X-Drive DSP processed module provides a 1500W bridged amplifier for the internal 18-inch subwoofer and an additional 1000W amplifier output for external main cabinets. The internal X-Drive DSP processing maximizes performance output and protection using up to 48DB/oct crossover filters, parametric EQ, alignment delay and limiters. Turn on the Enhanced Bass and the ultra low end will come alive, lowering the cabinet’s frequency response by another 15Hz and boosting the 35-50Hz response. The DSP will control the output to keep this added response within the limits of the speaker. 

The SCxSYS3A system is complete with cables. 

SCx2153 Main/Monitor Specs:

System Type: Dual 15-inch 3-Way, Co-planar bass reflex
Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz (-10DB); 60 Hz – 18 kHz (-3 dB)
Coverage Pattern: 90H x 60V
Crossover: 3-Way with Speaker Guard™ HF protection
Crossover Frequencies: 350 Hz, 2.0 kHz (internal)
Recommended external crossover frequency: 350 Hz @ 12dB/oct. or greater
Power Full Range: 800w Continuous /1600w Program /3200w Peak
Recommended Amplifier Power: 500 – 1600w
Sensitivity (1w @ 1m): 101dB 60-350Hz; 98dB 350-18KHz
Maximum SPL: 128dB Cont. / 134dB Peak
LF Driver: Dual 15-inch Heavy Duty 2.5-inch VC
MF Driver: 6.5-inch Heavy Duty 1.5-inch VC
HF Driver: 1-inch exit Mylar 1.75-inch VC
Nominal Impedance full range: 4 ohms
Bi-amp LF: 4 ohms 800w /1600w /3200w
Bi-amp MF/HF: 8 ohms 150w /300w /600w
Enclosure: 13-Ply Premium Russian Baltic Birch
Finish: Black DuraTex™
Transport: 2 Recessed Handles
Grill: Black powder coated steel
Connectors: Two 4-pin twist lock connectors, Two 1/4-inch connectors
Dimensions (H x W x D): 29 in x 19.75 in x 22.75 in (737 mm x 505 mm x 580 mm)
Net Weight: 71 lb (32 kg)
Made in USA

TRx3018A Subwoofer Specs:

System Type: Active 2500W, X-Drive DSP controlled, 18 Inch Bass reflex
Freq. Response: 32 Hz – 1.5K Hz (-10DB), 38 Hz – 1K Hz (-3 dB)
Coverage Pattern: Omni - Cardioid in 8x Arrays
Crossover: Active DSP design
Crossover Freq.: Preset or Adjustable frequency at 24dB/oct.
Input Sensitivity: Variable 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, and 2.0 Vrms settings
Power: Internal Sub 1500W 20mS pulsed, External amplifier output 1000W
Maximum SPL: 131 dB Peak
Driver: 18 Inch, 4 Inch Voice Coil
Enclosure: 13 ply Russian Baltic Birch
Suspension: Three 1-3/8 pole mount cups
Finish: Black DuraTec™
Grill: Black Powder-Coated Steel, Acoustically Transparent Foam Backing
Connectors: One XLR male and One XLR female, Terminal block for remote volume/ mute.
Dimensions: 23.5" high x 23.5" wide x 23.5" deep (597 mm x 597 mm x 597 mm)
Net Weight: 75 lbs (37 kg) with hardware
Made in USA

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