PS15-8 400W 15 Inch Woofer


List:$139.00 $99.00


15" woofer features improved high power performance for bass guitar and pro sound applications. Rear-vented. 400W @ 8 ohms. 56 oz magnet structure, 10 pounds net weight.

Frequency Response: 38 - 3.5k 
400W @ 8 ohms

Phil Lefter

My replacement for a blown speaker came on time with no damage. I noticed a couple cosmetic changes in the speaker design but had no trouble installing it in the housing. The new woofer performed flawlessly as soon as I fired it up.

J. G. Pennsylvania 
"I have used 2 of these 15" speakers in sub-woofer cabinets that I built for an FOH PA and am completely satisfied with their performance! I push these speakers quite hard and have had no problems or complaints for over 2 years now.I have even hooked them up in 4 ohm mono bridge to a dpm 1500 and have had no problem pushing the amp to just below clipping, so the 400 watt rms rating MUST be conservative at best....Thanks Carvin once again for great products at great prices." 

Cole Ford Wisconsin
"I've loaded these in my (4) 115 Peavey cabs 1 by 1 as the woofers blew. The Carvins really kick and the oldest is 4 years old. They shine every weekend all weekend for a variety of different bands and venues we work for. Buy these speakers!" 

Paul J. Smith St. Jacob, IL 
"Loaded the PS15-4 speaker in my old Crate 115 cabinet this past weekend. I'm using it under my Ampeg BA500 210 combo amp. It absolutely rumbled my side of the stage. Wish I would have done this years ago. An excellent speaker." 

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