PS10-8 10 Inch 200W Speaker


List:$89.00 $69.00


10 inch speaker is ideal for bass guitar or sound reinforcement. 200W @ 8 ohms. Rear-vented.

- Power: 200 watts
- 8 ohms
- Freq. Response: 60-5k
- 5 lb. magnet structure

Dean Wilson

I bought my 2X10 cabinet in 1994. It has been everywhere and has paid for itself many times over. Recently, I found a blown driver after a friend's particularly loud rehearsal. Considering the age of the cabinet, I replaced both speakers for much less $ than the cost of a new one. They sound great and are the exact replacement components I needed. Thanks!

Robert Kolinski Detroit, MI 
"I bought one of these to replace a woofer in a Kustom M10 75 watt monitor cabinet. My cheap monitor is now, basically, a Carvin 200 watt monitor. These speakers really cleaned up the sound and added a lot of clarity to the vocals. Recommended." 

James Aladits San Diego, CA 
"I was looking to replace the speakers in my GK 210 cabinet. It wasn't rated with enough wattage to handle my 225 watt all-tube bass amp. After researching at least four speaker companies, I found the Carvin PS10 speakers. I live near the San Diego showroom so I decided to stop by and try them out. I put them through the paces and they sounded beautifully. The lows were booming and the highs were clear and bright. It didn't take much coaxing to get me to buy them. After I replaced the speakers in my cab I hooked up my tube amp to give the Carvin PS10s a whirl. I was floored! They sounded phenomenal through my tube amp! With the volume set at the midpoint, the speakers responded beautifully. Due to the time of day (or should I say night) I dare not turn the volume higher, but there was plenty of room left in the PS10s. These speakers are more than what I was looking for. I am very pleasantly surprised with the PS10s and I would not hesitate to buy these speakers again. I have to mention the customer service. Jeff and Flock are product knowledgeable and they were patient. Flock set up the bass room so I could try out the PS10s. They both were very helpful and accommodating. Carvin has just won a new customer." 

Robert A Eureka, CA
"I called the toll free no. a couple of times and got a nice human both times who quickly answered all my questions. I ordered 4 of the PS10 8 ohm speakers for this cabinet I have inherited. I was in such a hurry to replace them, I poked a tiny hole in one, which i sealed just fine. Regardless, now my 8x10 stack sounds KILLER! These speakers do what they need to. Enough said. Dollar for dollar they cannot be beat. I am so pleased that I am going to invest in replacing a 4x10" Ampeg cab with four of the 4ohm neodymium 10's next. 

Thank you Carvin. Proud to spend my $ where it counts the most." 

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