PRO1TL 18 Inch Speakon Speaker Cable


List:$39.00 $29.00

Whether you are doing large concerts or small PA systems, you can depend on Carvin Audio's heavy duty speaker cables with NeutrikTM Speakon connectors night after night. Cables are the life-blood of the show.  Saving a few dollars on cheap cables is not worth risking your show. Get the best and expect top performance from your Carvin Audio cables.

The PRO1TL is a 12 gauge, 18 inch length cable for daisy-chaining cabinets together such as the TRx3210 Line Array.

  • Extraordinary durability
  • Used by top professionals
  • Securely locks by twisting the connector - no chance of disconnecting
  • Genuine NeutrikTM connectors
  • 4 conductors for dual mono, Bi-amping, or stereo connections
  • 12 gauge high current copper wire for maximum power to your speakers
  • DC Resistance is only 0.00158 ohm per foot of cable.
  • 600V Rated Insulation
  • Flexible - heavy rubberized outer jacket offers years of service
  • Built-in strain relief
  • Resistant to nicking and cracking

- 18" length
- 4 conductor
- 12 gauge cabling
- Speakon connectors

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