PM15A Molded Active Main/Monitor Speaker


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The PM15A powered speaker is designed to stand alone as a full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker for small systems. The PM15A can be laid on it's side for a 60 degree angled stage monitor. Coupling the PM15 with an LS1501 15" subwoofer results in an ideal three way system with extended low end. Effective for both portable and permanent applications, featuring a 1-3/8" pole mount cup. Applications include: 

- DJ system
- House of Worship
- Band PA
- Satellite system
- Standalone 3-Channel System

The PM15A incorporates powerful Class-D amplifier technology powered by an efficient switch-mode power supply. The PM15A model also features a 3-Band EQ with Mid-sweep for final room adjustments, 3 channels with individual level controls, internal active multi-band limiters for LF and HF driver protection, and an 18db/octave low cut filter for a smooth low-end optimized to the enclosure. The input XLR can take in line levels or be switched to mic levels for direct microphone input. The output XLR parallel the input XLR for daisy chaining or it can output the mix of all three channels. 

The PM15A incorporates premium components housed in a rugged water resistant enclosure, designed for crystal clear sound in small to medium size venues. The high power drivers feature large magnet structures for high efficiency producing more output per watt than systems costing two to three times more. The woofer is protected by a heavy gauge steel powder coated grill. Two XLR input jacks allow for versatile connections and chaining of speakers. Rubber foot pads on the bottom interlock with receptacles on the top for stacking two speakers. The bottom pole mount cup offers universal mounting to pole stands and mounts. 

PM Series Active Speaker Diagram

Carvin's active PM15A speaker features a 3-channel mixer for connecting a microphone, instrument and tape/CD/MP3 player. This is ideal for solo or duo performances in venues such as coffee shops, small to medium size clubs or restaurants. Each channel has its own level control, and when used in conjunction with the 3-band EQ, allows you to tailor the output for optimal sound and performance. XLR, 1/4" and RCA inputs provide flexibility with the components you connect. An additional XLR output allows for easy daisy-chaining of additional active PM speakers for use as either mains or monitors.

- System Type: Internal Active System, 15-inch 2-Way, bass-reflex
- Frequency Response: 44 Hz - 18 kHz (-10DB)
- Crossover Frequency: 2.5 k Hz
- Coverage Pattern: 90H x 30upV x 45downV
- Internal Amplifier full range: 400 Watts
- Maximum SPL: 122dB / 128dB peak
- LF Driver: 15-inch Woofer
- HF Driver: 1-inch exit 1.5-inch VC Titanium Driver
- Enclosure: Molded Polypropylene Plastic
- Mounting: 1-3/8-inch pole mount cup with clamp
- 4 fly points (requires 10mm X 1.5mm fly hardware - not included)
- Transport: 2 side handles
- Grill: Black steel
- Connectors: Two XLRs (one Male, one Female), Two 1/4 TRS phone jacks, Two RCA jacks
- AC Power Requirement: 90-250VAC 50-60Hz
- Dimensions: 17.87" wide X 13.87" deep X 27.87" high
- Weight: 37.8 lbs 

Mark Pilkerton Pocahontas, IL 
"I am amazed to find no one has posted a review on these things yet. I have only used them a hand full of times. I knew they were good, but, recently, after A B ing them with a couple other brands (one that boasted 600 watts RMS) I am a true believer in these things. Not only were they louder, but, they were tighter sounding and handled the bass in a superior fashion in comparison. I have used their customer service and tech depts. and they are top notch in my opinion. I also own a pair of PM12A and a pair of LS1801A. My opinion on these products are more of the same....GREAT!" 

Tod Moses Vermont
"Our band was using some Behringer B12Ds and they were too heavy for the bassist (who insteaded on purchasing and therefore hauling them), so he sold them and thought we could get by fine on some wedge monitors put on stands. There was no way, so I went out looking to repurchase similar units. I almost repurchased the Behringers (they sound great BTW) but at the last minute remembered Carvin. I bought these for a few dollars less (for the pair) and a lot less weight. Plus they carry a lot better. The handles on the B321D are a nighmare and the shape is also a pain (literally). The handles on the PM15A sit just right to carry with one person from the front or back and even put them up on the tripods with one person. 

I will have to say that they sound great overall. The low end is taught and clean. No mud. Better than the Behringers but that's not entirely fair because these are 15s and those were 12s, BUT these cost the same for a set so.... The highs are a bit harsh but I got rid of the majority of that with the onboard EQ (hint - use the MID not the HIGH and set the sweep at about 4 o'clock) so I'm sure they'll be fine with a graphic EQ, though I have not tried it yet. 

If you are worried that they are not powerful enough - STOP. They will run with anything in their class. The difference is that Carvin is honest about their power ratings. I can't A/B them with the B321D but my guess would be that these will get just as load, cleanly. 

Do yourself a fave stop looking, unless you want to spend at least $150 per cab, and put these in your cart." 

DJ Malarky Albuquerque, NM 
"As a mobile DJ all I can say is wow. These speakers are very clean at loud levels without breaking up. The bass is very tight. The over all construction of the cabinet is well built as is with any carvin products. The weight of this cabinet is my favorite feature since I am very mobile, the tough but light weight design makes it easy to set up and tear down at each show. I use mine with the Carvin powered 18" sub and I would highly recommend this as a mobile DJ must buy. I will be buying more soon." 

Joel Locklear Deridder, LA
"7 Gigs and counting. Great sound. Just completed an acoustic gig in a large venue. I normally need 2 Peavy 15 Mains and 12 in Monitor but now just 1 PM15A does the job with less weight and more clarity. Love the built in mixer on those nights when you forget a cable. There is nothing out there better for the money. In today's economy that is important. But hey, don't take my word. Try one out. I am about to get the powered 12s. Cant wait" 

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