NOMAD 50 Watt All-Tube Combo Amp


List:$979.00 $699.00


The all tube dual channel 112 NOMAD guitar amp reflect our devotion to tone. Rich, thick harmonics with creamy smooth mid tones define the superb sound of these amps. Channel one is clean ranging from warm and mellow to shimmering and glassy. Channel Two, with its SOAK control, offers enormous 12AX7 grid control from smooth blues, to full sustain. Matched EL84 output tubes react to the subtlest touch - if you play soft, the tubes remain clean. If you drive the amp hard, it rings out with rich tube harmonics. Digital reverb enhances the overall sound of the amp.

Complete your purchase by adding the CV211 Vinyl Nomad Cover and the FS22 Footswitch for reverb on/off. 

Nomad Rear Panel (click to enlarge)   

- GT12 Speaker
- All tube design - four 12AX7 tubes
- Four EL84 matched output tubes 
- Dual channels (clean & crunch/sustain) with separate level controls
- 50-watt output
- The cabinet voiced line output jack delivers the natural "mic'd" sound direct to your mixer
- A 4, 8 or 16 ohms switch allows your choice of speakers
- A normalized Effects Loop is featured for foot effects as well a rack effects
- The optional FS22 footswitch is for reverb on/off
- DSP digital reverb
- Hand crafted 7-ply poplar wood cabinet (not particle board) covered in vintage tweed vinyl
- 120/240 VAC
- Dimensions: 19.5 inches wide X 10.25 inches deep X 17.75 inches high
- Weight: 40 lbs.
- Made in San Diego, California
- Warranty: 1 year

Robert Burnett Flatwoods, Kentucky 
"I am a session player in Eastern Kentucky , W. Virginia and Ohio this as good of quality Amp as any high dollar $2000.00 dollar amp I love it!!!" 

Randolph Glodowski Oregon,WI


I plugged my guitar in and was impressed with the quality of sound at a low volume. Once I used the Nomad on a gig and turned the volume up the sound was still impressive. With the channel switching capability, I'll be able to do way with at least two floor pedals. I've played a few of my guitars through the amp and they all sounded great. The sound presence of of the amplifier puts most of my other amplifiers to shame. From string to string I love the sound presence. There's no drop off in volume or tone with each string played. This will be my go to amp from now on.

Raymond G. Kaping Duncan, OK 
"To start off, I have bought several Carvin guitars and guitar amps and I have been very pleased with them all. I have a VL100 head and 212 speaker cabinet combo that I have been playing for a few years. Then I purchased an SX300 for a practice amp and found it to have very good sound and volume and use it quite a bit in our rehearsal room. But just recently I purchased a Nomad from the Vintage Series amps and I found it to be the most useful and best guitar amps anyone could have. 

All of the guitar amplifiers have great sound qualities and very good ranges of adjustment within their controls, but what really caught my attention with the vintage series was the soak control. Every bit of it is usable from 0 to 10 and the most remarkable thing was that it produced the lowest noise of any guitar amp I have ever used tube or solid state. Even with the soak control dialed up to the max, the noise was not over whelming and feed back was not an issue. 

I am every impressed with the vintage series amplifiers and find them to be the best tube amplifier I have ever come across. It's all good!" 

Bobby Gianino Vermont
"I've had my Nomad for about 4 months now and I absolutely love it! It does everything I need from super sounding cleans to some really awesome crunchy tones. Add a pedal and you could easily go in to the heavier realms of music. I have a stock version and the Carvin speakers are awesome. I've even run my AC175 through it and the Nomad makes every instrument sound great! It's not very heavy so taking it to gigs is not a task, and the Nomad will do very well in jsut about any venue. It can hold its own with any other amp. I couldn't be any happier with this amp. When you get that excited feeling when you are about to turn it on and've got a winner! Thank you Carvin for another very well done product!" 

Ethan Burch Illinois
"Just bought your Nomad amplifier with the extension cab... this amp absolutely sings. It has a beautifully tight low end, with a shimmering high end. If you turn it up you can get a natural clip, and this is all on channel one! Switch over to channel two and turn up the SOAK knob and the most wonderfully vintage sounding overdrive waltzes into the room and takes your breath away. I've played guitar for almost ten years, and never have I heard anything like this. It makes my guitar sound like never before! The tonal qualities of this guitar make every Marshall, Fender, Mesa, Bogner, or Matchless that I've ever heard sound like a solid-state piece of concrete. Carvin, you have absolutely blown me out of the water with this piece of art. Many Thanks!" 

Rick Ciccarello 
"This amp is really amazing. It looks and sounds great. The tubes really give that beautiful tone that we all love so much. This is the best sounding amp I have ever used. Thanks for a great product " 

Chris Cleveland Ohio
"I have owned this amp since 1999. I produce/engineer records for my bread and butter, so my amp collection is quite extensive. I have a JCM 800, 900, 2000 DSL, Mesa Dual, Top Hat, and a Bogner. I am a firm believer in blending amps to create a pleasant guitar tone. All I can say is every band looks at me and chuckles when they see me set this little baby up next to a stack, but what they soon realize is a guitar lives in the mid-range. This little beauty has the smoothest most pleasant midrange tone I have ever heard, and has made it onto just about every rock recording I have ever done. In fact one band I recorded went out and purchased one because they finally found the warm beautiful tone they were looking for. I recommend this to everyone. It's not a stack, if you want one of those go get one, but if you are looking for a warmth you can't beat then this the best amp regardless of price.(see above amps)" 

Sean Reed Florida
"just recieved my nomad 112 today and what a great sounding amp. I was going to buy a fender hot rod deville but decided to try your instead and I'm glad I did this amp rocks. I put my line 6 in the closet and soon will run an add for it. you have converted me I will never buy another amp from anyone else. now I may have to try your guitars. if the quality is anything like your amps I can see my Fenders and Gibson's going up for sale also. Thanks for a great product." 

Edwin H Johnson Cusick, Washington
"purchased a few years ago the first one shipped quit at the first practice...carvin had another to my door in 3 days...I am amazed at the voice this "little" amp has . The tonal range that it will reproduce is phenominal..I even tried a bass thru it at lower volume of course...The reverb sounds as good or better than any and the treble cut can actually get it and with the extension cab have had no trouble playing anywhere..would recommend this to anyone interested in a great amp." 

Lee Dallas, TX
"Just thought I will let you know, I just got my Nomad amp from you and it is the best sounding amp I have had except my 1967 Fender super reverb. I sold it in 1975 and have been looking for 30 years for something that good. Sure glad I took the advice from a band member and gave you a try. I think you will get all my business for a long time. Keith in sales was great to work with!! Thanks and don't change anything." 

Richard Lines Costa Rica
"I got this amp two weeks ago, I used it a few times to practice in my room (Channel 1 below volume 1). Yesterday I played in a bar with my hard rock band again (Channel 1 and volume around 1 or 2). This is a powerful amp, excellent quality of sound. I've fallen in love with this all-tube-amp and my band did to. Thanks Carvin!" 

Brian McIntosh Stratford, IA 
"We played a fund raiser with 4 other bands which was attended by 1800 people. Due to convienience sake, I loaned my Nomad to our guitar player. He played a Hamer "HH" through it and was getting outrageous tone and harmonics! But the biggest 'raves' came from the guitarists from the other bands, pointing out how big and robust the sound was, and these guys were Marshall men all the way. An older fellow particularly loved the way the Nomad seemed to blend perfectly with my Sunn Coloseum. (What an awesome compliment!) 

We have been invited back for more shows and I can't help but think the Nomad is responsible a bit. 

If I had my way I'd have a Nomad, Belair, and Legacy combo at my band's disposal. My Nomad will never be confused with a 'practice amp'. The reaction of the people there spoke volumes regarding the high quality of this Carvin amp. Thanks, so much!" 

George Heil Kilgore, TX
"I purchased this amp to add tube distortion and depth to our band's sound. Like most amps she took some tweaking to get the sound I was looking for. Once that was achieved she has performed flawlessly for me. Sounds thick and rich with my Les Paul and the band loves the tone I've dialed in. Definitely not an amp for apartment dwellers, LOL." 

Bobby G. Yarbray Jefferson, GA 
"I got my first Carvin product a couple of months ago, the Nomad. Why did I wait so long to get this thing?! My other amps tended to "muddy-up" the tone of my humbucker guitars, and I was always a little disappointed with the tones I got from my P90 type guitar. The Nomad makes them all sing with power AND clarity. My P90's are now giving me that fat-but-hollow tone I've always wanted, and some very cool musical feedback when I tweak it just right. I've owned LOTS of different amps over the past 40 years....they're all gone and Carvin is here to stay! Thank You CARVIN!" 

Rich Walikis Syracuse, NY
"I've been an avid Mesa Boogie combo fan for many years. I purchased a used Carvin Vintage 33 as a second backup and loved it so much I then purchased a Carvin Nomad 50. After numerous tests, I decided to sell the pricey Mesa gear and play with lower priced yet high quality Carvin amps and keep the cost difference. They both sound phenomenal and I really don't miss the boogies yet. I have also purchased a Peavey classic as a backup to these. I have faith in Carvin gear - I believe they will withstand serious giging." 

E. Howard Washington 
"Right out of the box, the amp sounds and looks great. The clean channel (1) delivers a wide range of tones with great response and clarity. Channel (2) with the soak delivers a variety of sounds where one can obtain a nice clean overdrive tones, warm blues tones, or solid rock tones. 

With just one look at the amp you can see that it is a quality amp that is going to last. This amp has plenty of power for a live performance but also sounds great at low volume settings. I have owned many expensive amps that just didn't deliver the sound quality I was looking for. The Nomad delivers great sounds for a great price. 

Thank you CARVIN, my years of searching for the perfect tube amp are over." 

Brian Good Greenville, PA 
"On October the 1st of 2008 I broke down and ordered the Nomad 1 x 12 guitar amp because I was getting sick of hauling a Fender Hot Rod 4x10 to ever gig. I have been playing semi-pro for 25 years, and I can honestly say I am mad at myself for not coming to my senses and ordering a Carvin amp years ago. This little amp is way beyond what I expected! It's loud, crisp and clear! And it does not weigh as much as a Volkswagon like my Fender does. I can't wait to get it into the studio. My Carvin TL60 Custom Shop guitar came to life though this amp. I can honestly say you have impressed me once again!" 

Mark Jaroszewski Pittsburg, PA 
"I've been playing guitar for over forty years. I've had lots of amps, tube and solid state. I have a mid '80's X100B head and a SX200 amp. I like the X100B head but it's getting to be too much hauling it and two 2x12 cabs around. Also, there is no foot switch with this head. I like the way the SX200 is set up with independent EQ for each channel but I wanted to go back to a tube amp. I also wanted something for smaller gigs and I needed a versatile amp. After a lot of reasearch and comtemplation, I bought the Nomad with the Vintage 30 speaker. Wow! I was in love! The tones from both channels were what I have been looking for. I love the separate EQ for each channel. My footswitch for the SX200 also works with the Nomad. With the clean channel on half, I'm getting creamy blues overdriven tones. With the other channel, I have the soak on between 5 and 7 and the gain on 2 to 3, rock and roll heaven. I've even eliminated one of my overdrive pedals. I'm the only guitar player in a five piece band and this thing has plenty of power. I've even hooked it up with extra 1x12 and 2x12 cabinets with great results. I am very happy. I use Strats, a Tele and a '72 Les Paul and all sound great. This is the last amp I will ever buy." 

Damien Benz Raleigh, NC 
"I've noticed all the Nomad reviews have come from new owners...I've owned one for 12 years and have toured the country, recorded a bunch of CDs (including with Chynna Phillips on her new Cd "One Reason") and used it every day including today. It has been rained on, dropped off the back of trucks (gotta love crews) burned and she keeps right on going like she was new. Yes, Carvin makes top quality built gear but the reason I keep this amp is because of the beautiful, musical tone it has...and the tone cuts through every band situation I've ever put her in...from progressive rock, beach, blues and country to the heavy metal Priest tribute band I also play in. It's the best amp out there at any price. Tone, quality...everything. I'm getting ready to buy three more so I can finally keep this one at home with me." 

Dave Gourley Wake Forest, NC 
"I've had my Nomad for a little over 5 years, and it's still as awesome as the day it arrived. The features on this amp will easily rival 'boutique' models that cost several times more. I had one microphonic tube at delivery, and Carvin promptly shipped me 2 replacements. I have not had a moments trouble with it, the build quality is just sublime. The tone is always great and cuts through any situation. I love this amp, as it really shines and never disappoints. I also own a Carvin mic, and will be back for more Carvin products. You just can't find a better value for the money. Thanks, Carvin !!!" 

Scott Gagel Orlado, FL 
"I've owned the Nomad for 8 years and it has become my primary amp. I use my Marshall all-tube short stack as a back up because after a long deliberation it just couldn't stand up to the Nomad. I realize that is a pretty radical statement, but it's true. I've been a professional guitarist and singer/songwriter for 40 years and I've played just about every amp there is and one of the biggest musical surprises I've had in those 40 years is the incredible tones and the volume I can get out of the Nomad. Despite it only being a 1 x 12" 50W amp it is a tone monster and very, very loud It's perfect, without amplification, for small to mid-size clubs. When I play larger rooms, I just stick a good mic in front of the speaker and take it through the PA. I play a Fender American Deluxe Strat most of the time and this amp really reinforces those unique Strat tones from Mark Knoffler to SRV or even Hendrix. It can be sparkling clean or get very, very crunchy. And it responds very well to the attack on the strings - clean when picked softly, and crunchy when played hard. These 4 EL-34s really pack a punch when you need it, and it has the 5-12AX7's for pre-amp tubes. Solidly well-built, it was made for gigging. I honestly would put my little NOMAD up against almost any other All-Tube amp for range of tones, power, warmth and all those other good all-tube things." 

Paul Sylvain Merrimack, NH 
"I ordered this Nomad with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker in it. We were doing some "live" tracks for demo purposes last night, so we made use of the line-out feature, rather than micing the amp for the recording. First comment is about the Reverb. I have been using another maker's vintage reissue amp as my main amp for more than three years. That amp has a tube-drive tank reverb and vibrato, and is known for its "lush" reverbs and clean sound. Carvin's Vintage series amps used to have a tank-style reverb but in the last year or so switched to a DSP digital reverb. I owned an older Nomad several years ago so I'm familiar with the older tank-style style 'verb. To my ears there is nothing lacking with Carvin's digital reverb. I like a little -- key word, LITTLE -- 'verb in the mix to give the sound a touch of life and "air". With the Carvin Nomad, I actually turned it up a bit higher than I normally would with the other amp, but it sounded great. It is more subtle than a tank reverb, but that's really not a bad thing. You don't want reverb to be be too much in your face. It's there, but it doesn't scream at you. To me, that's how an effect like this should be. The "decay" was perfect, in my opinion. On a cold stop, you hear a bit of the echo as it fades, but again, it's not overly done. Purists will probably hold up a tank-type, long tail reverb as the holy grail, but the digital reverb in the Nomad struck a perfect balance to me. I like it a lot. I lived on the clean channel with my first Nomad years ago and I did the same last night. I tried the Soak channel briefly, and might work with it a bit more down the road. With my first Nomad, I simply used a TubeScreamer OD pedal between the guitar and clean channel, for those times when I want that effect. What I'm saying is I probably won't use the Soak channel much, but it sounded okay to me. So let's talk about the clean channel. Man, Carvin makes a good clean. The Nomad is very touch-sensitive to your playing style. That is, it responds to how hard or soft you play your guitar. But the Nomad is definitely punchier, when you want it to be, and slightly more dynamic overall. There is much more distinction between the notes and strings. You definitely hear the nuance of each string of each chord you play with the Nomad. Also, if you flub something up, you can't hide it. This amp will force you to play as boo-boo free as you can. The Nomad also has bass, treble and mid tone controls. I don't use much mid in my settings -- just a slight touch. Generally, I work mostly with the bass and treble controls. 

One thing that struck me is how sensitive the controls are on the Nomad. By that I mean, a slight adjustment up or down yields very noticeable changes to tone. I had no problem quickly finding and dialing in "my tone" after plugging everything in. Volumewise, I stayed at about 3 1/2 to 4, and worked from the guitar's volume. None of the guys in the band ever owned or saw a Carvin anything up-close. When the other guitarist saw the small size of the amp, I don't think he expected much. Even the bass dude looked at this tiny box and asked, "Does that thing have any kick?" I replied with a blues lick on the neck pickup with the guitar wide open. He just stood there stunned and replied, "Holy cow ---- I guess the heck it does." Tonally, the Nomad produces a nice, tight, chunky/meaty low end. It's not mushy, but deep and with substance. With the Celestion in it, the Nomad sounds very close to what my old Marshall (bought in 1975) 4x12 cabinet sounded like. Granted, this is a 1x12 combo, not a half-stack, but the sound is there. The line-out worked fine with the recording. Sounded good to me in the playback, so I would say it's quite usable. I can't describe it, but the Nomad just has "something" over my other amp. I do know the Nomad has more headroom over it, and offers much more substance tonally. 

Playing this amp last night was like being reunited with a long, lost friend. I'd forgotten how great the Nomad is -- I mean, I remembered it being a great amp, but I was still very much in awe last night. It also "wowed" the other guys in the band." 


Nick Failla Richmond, MI 
"One happy guy here! Got the new amp today and it’s easy to see why you guys have gotten so many positive reviews. :) Thanks for sending it I am thoroughly enjoying it already." 

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