NE15-8 600W Neodymiun 15 Inch Woofer

Carvin Audio

List:$239.00 $169.00


15" high performance Neodymium woofer, for pro sound and bass guitar applications. 3-inch Voice Coil. 600W power @ 8 ohms. Rear Vented. Frequency Response: 35-3kHz. Net weight 7.4 lbs.

- 15" Neodymium woofer
- 3" Voice Coil
- Power: 600W @ 8 ohms
- Rear Vented
- Freq Resp: 35-3kHz
- Net weight 7.4lbs.

Bruce Smith Santee, CA 
"I replaced my old 15 inch sub woofer with the NE15 series and the results are OUTSTANDING particularly if I put the speakers on an old fashioned wood floor. To say it moves you is a serous understatement, and even though I am only using a 300 Watt Amp, several people think it to be 2-3 times the size because of the unit coupling to the floor. Great Speaker... now to get 4 - 10 inch 400 watt and the BX1500 Amp...LOL" 

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