M68 Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphone


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The M68 microphone is our most popular unidirectional hand-held dynamic microphone. It is renowned for its presence and crisp output for live vocal applications. Frequency response 45Hz to 15kHz for a tight, natural response with slight presence rise in the mid-frequencies for excellent high end intelligibility and punchy (not boomy) bass response. Preferred for club use, rock singers, or any vocalist requiring the best in vocal reproduction Built-in foam wind screen for excellent pop, breath and wind noise rejection Cardioid polar pattern for excellent off-axis performance and feedback control. Includes 20ft XLR cable.

- Unidirectional
- Frequency Response: 45Hz - 15kHz
- Built-in foam windscreen

Brian Oakey Melbourne, FL 
"First of all, I own many Carvin products from guitars to pro audio equipment, and have never been disappointed. I saw very few reviews on harmony central for the m68, so I thought I'd share my experiences. I used my ear (soundman for over 20 years), and my wife's ear (singer and bass player for over 30 years), to let you know that we both found the M68 to be hotter, more responsive, and overall better than the Shure SM58. There is a very inexpensive mic out there, the GLS58, but it does not sound quite as good as the M68, has no stated warranty, does not come with a bag, or cable, and the clip it comes with has plastic threads which could be problematic. It is made in China, which is not, necessarily a bad thing, but I prefer to support workers from the USA. To me, and my wife, the M68 is the way to go, and Carvin's customer service is top notch. We own 3 Carvin guitars, 8 Carvin speakers, a 12 channel powered mixer, 8 mics, multiple cables and mic stands, 3 power amps (the best in the industry), two powered subs, a bass amp, etc. None of my Carvin products have ever let me down, and I highly recommend them." 

Peter Washington, DC 
"This mic looks like the SM58 and feels rugged. It definitely does not sound the same. It is about 20% louder than the SM58 and has more crisp highs. Turning the treble and volume down a bit emulates a SM58 pretty well. Since I have a trebley voice, I like the muddiness of the 58 for my vocals. It covers my flaws! I use the Carvin 68s for miking the guitar and the 2 other vocalists. This mic is top notch and a steal at about $75 bucks. I'd be happy to have 10 of these." 

Phil Ashman Hamilton, OH 
"This is the best vocal mic available for the money HANDS DOWN! I've been doing live shows for over 20 years now, and I've used a lot of mics & killed quite a few as well, but the M68s take everything you can throw at them & still sound as perfect as the day you bought them, MUCH BETTER than Beta 58s at one forth the price. If you need a lot of PRO quality mics, but don't have a lot of cash, the M68 is the ONLY way to go." 

Ric Bonnell Massachusetts 
"OK y'all, here's the most accurate skinny on this here Carvin M68 microphone. I did a down and dirty A to B comparison, side by side, given it the all too critical Ric Bonnell eardrum test with a Shure Beta 58 - and I'll tell you what - the CARVIN MIC IS HANDS OVER FISTS BETTER. More in your face punchy presence in the happy VOX range. Funny thing is - I didn't actually go an intentionally buy this mic, it came part of a PA package deal that Carvin had going on. Carvin gave it to me as a thank you gift!! 

Guess where my Beta 58's are ending up? eBay!!" 

David R. Vincent Sylacauga, AL 
"I bought these mics because of the good reviews and the low price, but don't let the low price fool you. These mics are way better than any I've tried in the $150.00 range. The clarity is superb across the whole range, from booming bass notes to the clear highs. You will have to EQ these mikes differently due to richness of their sound, but that's a great trade off for the much improved sound. At $80.00 these are a steal, but three for $159.00 is crazy, my kind of crazy. This was my first Carvin purchase, but will not be my last. Thanks for a great product at a great price." 

Ken Sioux Falls, SD 
"I have used both the SM58 and a SM58 wireless but this Carvin M68 beats them both hands down. I would highly recommend this microphone to everyone who wants a high quality sound for a very reasonable price. Thanks,Carvin you did a great job again." 

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