M67 Unidirectional Instrument Microphone


List:$109.00 $49.00

The M67 microphone is a unidirectional dynamic instrument microphone, ideal for use on guitar amps, and many instruments for both live and recording use. Built-in foam wind screen for excellent pop, breath and wind noise rejection. Cardioid polar pattern for excellent off-axis performance and feedback control. Frequency response is 45Hz to 15kHz. 

Includes FREE 20' XLR mic cable.

- Frequency response 45Hz to 15kHz
- Built-in foam wind screen
- Cardioid polar pattern
- Designed for high sound pressure levels direct cabinet miking

Kirby Athens, GA 
"I use this mic for mic'ing a bluegrass banjo for live performance. It outperforms a Shure SM57 in my opinion...get it!" 

DJ JD Ashland, WI 
"This is a great mic for the money! It works very well on vocals live, as it has a very clear sound. This mic is also great for guitar cabs & even over heads! Can't go wrong for the money." 

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