M50 Unidirectional Dynamic Vocal Microphone


List:$69.00 $49.00

The M50 is Carvin's "value priced" professional vocal mic that is not to be compared with the poor performance of other $49 mics. This mic is designed mainly for vocals. However, it can easily double for micing guitar amps or drums (excluding kick drum). Features a convenient on/off switch for reducing noise and feedback when not in use. Unidirectional with a cardioid polar pattern. Built in foam wind screen for pop, breath and wind noise rejection. Freq. Resp. is 50 Hz to 14 kHz. Includes 20ft XLR cable.

- Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 14 kHz

Tim Virginia 
"Carvin equipment is truly built to last and one of the absolute best values out there. The M50 is superior to mics you see from other manufacturers in the same price range. It is a pro-level mic for anyone on a budget (and these days...who isn't?). Buy this mic...you won't regret it!" 

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