D42 Professional Dynamic Snare-Tom Microphone


List:$109.00 $79.00


Carvin now offers a full line of professional dynamic drum mics. These dynamic mics are capable of handling the high sound pressure levels needed for micing live or recording percussion instruments. Together with Carvin's M90S as overhead cymbal mics, the new D44 and D42 uni-directional dynamic mics are all you need to mic your drums. The D44 and D42 feature a frequency range well suited for drums while the cardioid polar pickup pattern is ideal for rejecting unwanted sound. Both models are capable of handling high sound pressure percussion levels. The Zinc die-cast metal housing features an adjustable stand mount. A solid mesh metal windscreen protects the mic element.

- Frequency Response: 80Hz to 13kHz
- Maximum SPL (@1%THD): >130dB

Brian Virginia
"Love these little guys. They are also great for snares! My Audix D6 kick mic stopped working one night, so I popped in one of these and it sounded just as good. I'm gonna buy a few more of these!" 

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