CTM100 Tube Condenser Microphone


List:$339.00 $189.00

The CTM100 is perfect for recording both critical vocals and instruments. Achieve the warmest, fullest, smoothest sounding recordings ever. The dual diaphragm, multi-pattern design gives you 9 different settings to get the perfect sound every time! You will not need to EQ this mic - it sounds awesome right out of the box! The CTM100 features dual 1" gold sputtered 5 micron diaphragms in a special shock mounted capsule and a vacuum tube pre-amp, all suspended in a solid, handsome, machined casing. The included power supply assures constant voltage and current through a special gold plated 7-pin cable. The power supply also houses the control for your 9 different polar patterns including: omni, cardiod, figure-8, figure-6 and others. The shock-mount suspension virtually eliminates vibration and handling noise. If you want your recordings to sound as warm and full as your favorite artist, the CTM100 is the ultimate in classic sound reproduction!

Includes travel case, foam windscreen, shockmount suspension, XLR cable and carry pouch. 

- Freq. Range: 20hz-20kHz
- Dynamic range: 133dB
- Output Imp.: 300 Ohms
- Power Supply: 48v 
- Cable 30 Ft. Gold 7-pin cable
- Mic dimensions: 9.75"L x 2.75"W
- Includes: travel case, foam windscreen, shockmount suspension, XLR cable and carry pouch for mic.

J.R. Russ - 


A few weeks ago I purchased a CTM100 and must say...I am impressed. I had been looking at tube microphones because of the perceived "warmth" they provide voice recordings. I have a mid-range voice and need all the lows I can get. I tried a used MXL Genesis which had issues and I returned it. I almost bought a used CTM100 on Ebay for $200 and it was ONLY the mic. When I saw the full kit selling new for $204 on your website, I just HAD to try it! I have compared it to the MXL Genesis, an sE2200A, EV RE-20 and a Heil PR-30 and EVERYONE thinks the CTM100 is the winner. Congratulations on a great product! You are welcome to use my name, website and comments because I believe the Carvin CTM100 is one of the BEST VALUES in Pro Audio. 


Adam Puchalski Bellevue, WA
"I've used this mic on steel string acoustic, classical guitar, mandolin, dobro, vocals and percussion. It sounds great in every application and just like the catalog description stated, I have not needed to EQ anything going to the board. The sound is full and very natural and finding the right placement is fast and easy. It seems to almost attract sweet spots. I have not had the pleasure of using any of those very expensive tube mics out there, but I have the feeling that dollar for dollar, I'm not missing out on much." 

Brent New Jersey 
"I just wanted to share what happened last night while recording my vocals. We used both my CTM100 and a $1300 Shure condenser (don't remember the model) and the Carvin blew the Shure away! The Shure sounded fine, but the Carvin had much better high end, was more crisp and clean. Just awesome!" 

Gabe C. Nashville, TN 
"A fabulous, pro-spec mic for a bargain price. I will be ordering 1 or 2 more of these mics as soon as I can. The tone is smooth, clear, and sweet. Like any good valve mic, you get that special "something" that just makes everything sound better. 

I'd also like to point out that this mic is made from the same basic platform as the Telefunken RFT M-16 as well as the Peluso P12, both of which cost $1000 more than the Carvin. While not exactly identical, they sure are very close. While you can get an HST-11a for $200, Carvin offers superior value by giving you a great package, warranty, and quality control, worth far more than $60, making the CTM100 just about the best value in mics on the market." 

Dennis Logan Raeford, CA 
"Over 2 yrs of use on 3 albums and sounds as good as my very expensive mics. For acoustic guitar along with an NT5 I get a rich and crisp sound that Nashville would be proud of. I worked as a producer there for many years and the CTM100 is one of my go to mics, for vocal, elctric guitar, fiddle, dobro, mando and acoustic. Plus it is a great room mike as well. 5 stars all the way." 

Mark Reichard Groton, CT 
"I use my CTM100 mainly on vocals feeding a tube preamp. I never have to use the EQ and I always get a sweet, true sound that records nicely. You would need to spend over $1,000.00 on another brand just to equal this microphone. Sve the money, or put it into better monitors." 

Doug Reid Roseville, CA 
"This is an exceptional mic that I purchased for voice over use. Having the Carvin name on it convinced me to give it a try. The price was beside the point but it is hard to believe the quality achieved at the price point. You can get right on top of the mic without redirecting hard consonants (P's and T's). The mic handles subtle nuances and adverse pressure spikes with ease. Re-narrating becomes a pleaure without problem because there is no need to EQ this mic meaning retakes at a later date are a breeze to match. Everytime I use it, it is a pleasure - a best friend." 

John San Diego, CA 
"The CTM100 is Awesome! I use it to record vocals through my recording interface and into SONAR 7. It sounds SO GREAT!!! if you want a mic that is going to sound great into your DAW this is a great buy. One giant plus is the tube. It adds a light smooth compression to the signal, and when you see it visualy on your computer screen it is nice and flat, no sweetners to boost tones that you dont actually make, it pics up what you put out. It is a heck of a deal. Carvin Rock On!!" 

Joey Halbur Burlington, VT 
"The best for the $ and better than some that are more $. I LOVE THIS MIC!" 

David W. Adams Jr. Richmond, IN 
"I am so glad I purchased this microphone. I was getting frustrated recording my vocal tracks because the voice that was recorded sounded so much different then what I thought it should have. But with this mic what you sound like is what you get to a tee. Awesome buy love it thank you Carvin!" 

Robert W Ehman Charleston, WV 
"I recorded vocals and acoustic guitar with my two CTM 100's 2 weeks ago and it was awe inspiring!!! The acoustic guitar sounded like nothing I have ever heard before anywhere. The vocals were clean and clear like I had never heard in my recordings before. I am warming them up right now !!! You will not be disappointed with these mics or any Carvin equipment for that matter. You are a beautiful company that is the best of America today!!!" 

John Savio Chicago, IL 
"I've used dozens of vocal mics for recording from many of the alleged "top" brands that cost big bucks. The CTM100 blows them all away. The build quality is sensational, and the sound is immaculate, beautiful, clean, and whatever positive adjective you want to use. This thing is a steal at this price point. I've only had it a few weeks, & I've already told a bunch of my musician friends that toss the rest of your mics out and get this thing. One of them has already done it and can't believe what you get for the price. It's ridiculous! Don't wait. BUY IT NOW!" 

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