C2448 24 Channel 4-bus Mixer w/ 8CH Sends, 4 Band CH EQ


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The unveiling of the new C2448 Concert Series 24-Channel Console demonstrates Carvin's commitment to professional live sound. The C2448 includes more channel sends and additional EQ capabilities than our previous Concert Series boards, with a total of 8 channel sends: 6 monitors and 2 effects. The 4-band channel EQ features dual sweep parametrics with LO MIDS and HI MIDS giving you greater control of your sound. The four main buses (groups) feature their own compressor/limiter with a Link switch for tracking two compressors together, which a big plus for controlling drums, choir, etc. The Concert Series is designed for installations such as churches and performance venues, or for touring sound systems. Careful attention has been given to the features, sound reproduction and mechanical construction, making Carvin's new Concert Series mixers the ideal choice for most live sound applications. Professional features, unsurpassed sound, rugged construction and a price that can't be beat make the C2448 the ideal choice for your live setup, and best of all, it's made in the USA. 

Simplicity In Operation 
Ease of operation is incredibly important. The C Series consoles are designed with the operator in mind. Everything is logically arranged. Simply plug-in the channels, adjust the monitor levels and bring up the main L/R faders and you're up and running. If you need EQ (tone changes), simply dial in the sound you want. The C Series is designed on a small-scale platform making it easy to transport. No other console offers more channels per linear inch. 

USB Recording 
USB connectivity allows for ease of recording using a single cable to record your L/R stereo mix direct to your computer. The digital interface gives you the highest quality audio output for recording. You can send audio from your computer into the console via USB. Set-up playlists on your computer for hours of automated playback through your sound system. 

Onboard Wireless Capability 
The exclusive optional True Diversity USM16 built-in wireless systems allow the C2448 to have up to 4 wireless units, whether it be mic or belt-pack systems. The advantage of adding these options now or later is that the operator eliminates cable clutter and simplifies setup. The wireless units are automatically routed to channels 1 & 2, and 9 & 10 on the console plus the internal power supply and the rear antennas. Each system is connected with a simple plug-in connector.

C2448 Optional Onboard Wireless System

C2448 Optional Onboard Wireless System   

Quality Control 
Our Quality Control Department personally inspects every mixing console. After the physical inspection, the most critical and most important part of QC testing is running every channel, master section and connector through Audio Precision™ computers to verify every function. This means everything meets 100% of its specifications. This is great assurance that every EQ section, every output delivers the highest voltages with the lowest possible THD.

The engineering and design is what you'd expect from Carvin's high-end manufacturing. Ultra low-noise, high slew rate IC's for exceptional sound. Sealed controls and switches guard against the elements while the "SMT" Surface Mount Technology construction ensures the integrity of each component. The rugged chassis incorporates the integral SwitchMode™ 90V-260V 50-60 Hz power supply. The C2448 is made in the USA at our San Diego, CA facility. 

Recommended Applications 
Touring - Theatres - Houses of Worship - Music Venues - Musicians & Bands - Recording & Mixing 

Key Features

- 4 Sub Groups + L/R
- Center/Sub output
- 4 Buses Compressors
- "Link" switches for compressors
- 2 processors – 256 effects each
- Effects to monitors
- 2 9 band L/R-Moinitor EQ's
- 2 USB power ports
- USB L/R recording output
- USB L/R PC input
- Rear slots for wireless options
(up to 4 mics or beltpacks)
- Ultra low THD – less than .01%
- SwitchMode™ 90-260 VAC input

- 4 Buses + L/R
- 4 Band EQ w dual Mid sweeps
- High pass filter
- 6 Ch Monitor Sends
- 2 Ch Effects Sends
- Ch mute/Peak indicator
- Adjustable Gain attenuator

6 monitor sends, 2 effects sends 
4 band channel EQ with dual mid-sweep parametrics 
Two 5V USB power ports 
4 bus compressor with link switches 
Freq. response: 20-20k Hz ±1 dB 
THD distortion: .01% 20-20k Hz 
E I N: -117 dBm 
S/N Ratio 90 dB 
Dynamic Range: 104 dB 
Mic Gain: 52 dB 
Line Gain: 30 dB 
Total Gain: 72 dB (balanced) 
Max Output: +28 dBm 
Power Req. 90 to 250VAC 50-60Hz, 50VA 
Dimensions: 30.1" wide X 16.3" deep X 3.75" high (76.3cm wide X 41.5cm deep X 9.5cm high)
Weight: 24.5 lbs (11.1kg)
Made in San Diego, California

Don (Dondi) Weiss Prescott, AZ

I am very excited about the new Concert Series mixers from Carvin! Three things struck me immediately about this mixer that put it far above any competitor in it's class: 

1 - The footprint is small and perfect for easy transport, or in a church or bar where the sound booth may have limited space.
2 - THERE ARE FOUR BAND EQ ON EACH CHANNEL! I have never seen that on a mixer in this price range.
3 - You have EIGHT sends (two FX and six monitor)

With this mixer you really have complete control. You can properly EQ the inputs with the smooth sounding 4-band EQ available on each channel. The top and bottom frequencies are fixed allowing you to bring out the sparkling highs or beefy lows, but the two sweepable mid controls really give you full range, and that sets this board apart from the rest. 

Lots of choice for monitoring with so many sends available and that means you don't have to compromise (neither does the band). 

The many built-in features minimize what you need to bring to the show:
- Two stereo FX units
- Dual 9-band graphic EQ's for mains or monitors
- Compressors on the subgroups
...and there are even ports for built-in wireless mic receivers right in the mixer!

If you are looking for a board that can also be used for your home recording studio, this is the one. There is a comprehensive monitoring system for use with studio speakers or headphones, plus the individual inputs have an insert for signal processors that can also be used as a direct output for multitracking. 

Take it from a multi award-winning industry professional, this mixer will do everything you want and more. 

Mike Buskirk Payson, AZ 
"I've done a wide variety of live sound: The Platters, Stan Kenton Big Band, San Diego Symphony, Side Street Strutters (Disney, dixieland), Frank D'Ambrose ('Phantom'), Russian Ballet, Brass Bands and Fiddle Championships, string quartets and A'Capella groups, 150 to 10,000 people- and I've used Carvin to do it all. 

Last month I traded in 1 of my boards, a 1644, for the new C2448. With the 6 sends, 2 FX AND compressors on the subs I couldn't pass it up. (thanks for the great discount!!) Saturday was my 1st gig with it- a dixieland band in an 8 acre park. The drummer was worried I wouldn't be able to pick up his brush-work without blowing everyones' ears when he switched back to sticks. I ran the set through Sub I, turned compression to 1/3 and was set. Ten minutes into the gig I was frustrated because the Hat mic was picking up too much crash and I had already used mid-sweep to pull out snare bleedover. HEY! USE THE 2ND MID SWEEP!!! Problem solved... 

I booked another gig between sets and had several people say it was the best sound of the entire season. After the show the bass player said he loved playing because the band sounded so good [in the monitors]. It doesn't get much better than that! 

Thanks, Carvin, for designing affordable, user friendly boards that allow engineers and musicians to take the audience where they want to go." 

Joby North Carolina 
"I purchased the C2448 for a completely mobile application. I originally bought this mixer strictly for the six monitor sends. Everyone else has either four monitor mixes or they can have six monitor sends that are shared with two effects after the faders, but you lose your effects. I needed six sends and purchased the mixer and the road case. After hearing the sound quality by itself through the mains I eliminated a complete rack of gear. No more EQ, no more effects, no more cross over, no more CD player since the USB powers my iPod now. I also eliminated a complete mixer board just for monitors. Plus the Carvin outputs for the monitors are XLR not 1/4. No need for adapters to my snake. Bonus: I also bought the built in UHF microphones. I was very skeptical being a diehard Shure, Heil and EV owner. All I can say is WOW! They felt too light to be real, but the USM16-MCs are fantastic! I am a Sound Engineer Trainer, Singer and Guitar player and microphones are everything to me. If you ever ask my Sound Engineers how things are going or went, they always have a grip or grumble. After one time flying this new Carvin gear they had big smiles on their faces and said, 'We are Happy!'. I will add this so you know I am a true customer. I did have a problem. When I tried to install one of the Internal USM16-MCs the four pronged wire was one inch too short. I was worried because I received the mixer on Friday and every Sunday is a work day for me. I could have used the board without the use of the two microphones but I really wanted it to be 100%. I immediately picked up the phone and called the Technical Support line. Carvin made me two jumper cables, I only needed one. The cable fit perfectly and the best thing was it arrived on my doorstep at 10:30 Saturday Morning. Sunday went off perfectly. At a time when the economy is hard pressed and money is tight, quality and customer service from Carvin is very impressive. The standard is set. My hat is off to Carvin!" 

Don L. San Diego, CA
"I had a chance to use the new C3248 this past weekend at the La Jolla art festival. The new EQ is great and the bus compressors were very useful. I did use all the monitor sends and had the board loaded down with 27 inputs being used at the same time and 6 monitor mixes going. The console performed flawlessly. I was very pleased with the overall performance. I had an XP800 in use all weekend driving a pair of LM15s and that stood up perfectly as well." 

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