C212GE Legacy 3 Cabinet Green Grille


List:$599.00 $469.00

The C212GE Legacy 3 Cabinet features Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers for the ultimate in tone. Steve selected them for use in the Legacy after comparing them to all other available speakers. The C212GE cabinet is an open/closed back design, and features standard country-western vinyl covering, and tan metal grille. The 120W cabinet can be used in mono or stereo modes. 

The C212GE features a "tilt-back" stand, built in to the bottom of the cabinet. All Carvin speaker cabinets are made from the highest quality components, including premium plywood for strength. 

- Two Celestion™ G12 Vintage 30 60 watt speakers
- 120 W power handling
- Mono or stereo operation
- 16 ohm cabinet in mono mode (two jacks are parallel ( wire together) in mono mode)
- dual 8 ohm in stereo mode (8 ohm each jack to each speaker in stereo mode)
- Built-in tilt-back stand (Note: the tilt-back feature does not support placing an amp head on top and is intended for tilt-back extension cabinet use only)
- Covered in country-western vinyl
- Vai Green metal grille
- Dimensions: 26" wide x 10.25" deep x 17.5" high
- Weight: 40 lbs.
- Made in San Diego, California 

Aaron Buchholz Sioux Falls, SD 
"The Carvin Legacy C212E cabinet has outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Extremely well built and sturdy. The Celestion Vintage G30's have a great tone that is very warm, crisp, and fully of energy. Same tone and better quality as a Marshall for a lot less money. I will definitely buy from Carvin again!!! Job well done!!" 

Kevin Florida 
"I got this Legacy sealed 2x12 from a guy who just didn't know a good thing when he had it. Blamed his bad tone on this cabinet. This is my favorite sounding cabinet bar none. If you buy a 50w/100w head & a 4x12 is too much. This is your cab. It's well made has good drivers inside & is reasonably priced. I don't like open backed cabs at all. This sealed 2x12 is a great match to any amp. I highly recommend it!" 

Reuben Morgenstein Bishop, CA 
"WOW, I just got this 2x12 cab (C212E) and could not stop playing it. It is an 8-ohm cab loaded with Celestion Vintage 30’s with closed back construction that can be unscrewed for a half open back. I will be getting another one to run in stereo as soon as I can. I am using a Laney VH100R tube head and it kills every other cab I have ever heard. I play KMD cabs with Celestion G12L 35/75’s. 

The tone is perfect. Clean or distorted this cab really holds its own with the big boys (4x12). The bass is thick but tight the highs go all the way up to the roof! They are bright but not scratchy/hissy! Cranked up or at room level I could not find a setting I didn’t like! 

The construction of this cab is TOP notch! I did not notice ANY quality issues! Everything looks perfect. The RED JUNGLE BARK vinyl is so sharp my lead guitar player is talking about getting one. The black metal grill makes this thing lethal looking. 

It did take a little longer to get to me then I thought it would! I guess considering they MADE this with the custom vinyl an 18 B day wait is not long at all. The folks in customer service were as nice as possible when I called asking about it. So even with the wait the rating is A+ for overall experience. I will come back for sure. You converted me! 

Thanks again to all involved with the CARVIN experience, excellent job!" 

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