BX1500 Lightweight 1500W Bass Amp Head


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The BX1500 dual mono block rack mount bass head delivers huge power that's rich and warm all generated from discrete, 12AX7-driven Class A preamps and powerful, reliable power amps. The comprehensive EQ is fun to work, shaping all your tones to perfection. There is not a more powerfully featured, fabulous sounding bass head on the market, and this one is an ultra-light 10 lbs. 

BX1500 Features: 

- 2 power amps deliver 300w at 8 ohm, 450w at 4 ohms, and 750w at 2 ohm each or 900w at 8 ohm bridged or 1500w at 4 ohms bridged
- Rich, warm 12AX7 tube drives each power amp and features a rear In/Out switch
- 3 EQ sections, the Contour Control going from a flat mid response to a heavy scooped mid response for slap bass players, the 3 mid sweeps with Bass and Treble precisely dial in your exact needs, and the 9 band graphic is perfect for overall tone shaping – foot switchable. No bass head has more tonal flexibility.
- A one knob compressor adjusts for smooth light compression and the internal amp limiters hold everything.
- Bi-Amping is easily done from the front panel crossover control with each amp setting it own level for the HI and LO balance
- Everything is nicely controlled with independent Amp 1 & 2 Levels and a Master Volume
- A conveniently located Mute switch and an Active/Passive switch to tailor the input for different pickup configurations, plus Graphic EQ,Effects and X-over front panel switches
- The rear panel features an XLR Balanced DIRECT output with Level control and pre or post switch.
- 3 High current Speakon™ 1/4-inch combo speaker connectors are for Amp 1, 2 and Bridge
- Rear panel Effect loop, stereo amp patch inserts and an un-muted turner jacks.
- The CLASS D power amps feature high current, high speed FET output devices for optimal 2 ohm current.
- The high headroom reveals its high dynamic power from the Switchmode power supply that operates at 100,000 Hz delivering maximum efficiency while reducing weight.
- The head runs cool from its 94% efficiency. There is no wasted heat or energy from the AC Wall plug
- Size: 2U rack mount 19" wide x 10.5" deep x 3.5" high
- Weight: 10 lbs
- Made in the USA

- 1500w RMS, bridgeable
- Dual Power Amps - Biamping
- Warm 12AX7 Tube
- 3 Parametric EQs, 9-band EQ
- 2 rack space
- Ultra Light 10 Lbs
- Made in San Diego, California 

Andrew Nelius Tullahoma, TN 

"I am very happy with the compact size of this amp considering its power rating...no more back-breaking equipment hauls. Unbelievable value---no other manufacturer came close regarding size & power & features for the same price. Nice work Carvin." 

Frank Padia


Have owned my BX1500 for about 1 1/2 years and wanted to say it is an awesome amp. My band gigs alot each month and in addition to our original material, we have been playing some cover shows with music that covers the spectrum. In every situation, my amp sounds awesome and the ability to shape the tone to exactly what I want for a particular songs is a snap. When you run a separate cab for each amp, that is when the BX1500 really shines. For a very long time, I was a dedicated Ampeg guy, but took a chance on this amp and will NEVER play anything else.


Michael J Green Ronkonkoma, New York 

"I've used a BX1500 owned by a friend who swore by it and it sounded fantastic. Having lost my workhorse amp last Friday night just as the final song started, I immediately went to the website and ordered this one. It arrived via UPS Friday morning. How big a smile do you think I had? It seemed like the most logical step. And when I plugged in and played at my weekly Friday night gig, I was not disappointed. I'm a bass player who loves playing with a palette full of colors and this amp has every sound I could ever need. My Fender Jazz Bass and Ibanez SR506 sound open, full and powerful just like a love them to sound. This amp is far more powerful than any other I've owned. The gain and master volumes have been kept low, but the sound is perfect even when kept quiet. The sensitivity to touch is far superior than my other amps and the options are way more than I'm ever likely to use, but it's nice to know they're there. Especially for the price. I already own 4 PA speakers that have proven themselves repeatedly over the years, so I have no doubt that this amp will be just as rugged and dependable. I also have cables that have resisted the constant weekly punishment I subject them to. I can see this relationship growing in the future. You people are the best kept secret in the music manufacturing biz. Job well done." 

Shawn A Wilson Ohio 

"I am pretty well speechless here. It sounds absolutely amazing. It did exactly what I wanted it to to do, and more. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :) It's so crisp and clear. " 

Corey Archuleta Colorado 

"Wow. The price is nothing compared to the quality of this thing. It feels like your playing $1,000 worth of amp. I love it, and it has lasted my beatings. I have pushed this thing, and it has yet to fail over the 2 years I have had it. (Touring, extreme heat/cold/etc...) I went into buying this not knowing what to expect, and holy crap, did it exceed my expectations. Buy it." 

Dean Harris Jacksonville, Fla.
"I have played in 42+ years, at least 20 types, brands of amp heads. The BX1500 surpasses all of them, even the monster tube heads! This one still has all the tube warmth, if you are into the 12AX7!" 

Jeff Dixon Somerset, KY 
"I must say WOW. I bought this head and a 8x10 Cab and this by far is the best amp I have ever played through. I'm in a band and we cover everything from funk to country and this amp can do it all!!! I have owned alot of other amps and there isn't one made that can compete." 

Timothy Jordan USA
"This is the first Carvin amp I have bought and I could not expect anything more punchy or delivering. It will move the air around you and wrap you in a blanket of definition and tone. Magnificent! Thank You Carvin....." 

Abram M. Gonzalez El Paso, TX 
"Amazing tone you can get out of this bass head! Best I've ever had or played on! Durable and super light!" 

Addison Carlton Sanford, FL 
"Played bass for over 20 years. Just replaced my R1000 with a BX1500. The BX1500 is not only superior to my old R1000, it is surely the best sounding bass amp I have ever heard. Unbelievable tone,headroom,and best of all BOOM!!! Carvin got this one very, very right. Thank you Carvin." 

P. T. Prarie Village, KS 
"Everything I have ever purchased, including my brand new BX1500 amp by Carvin is made at the highest quality level there is. Made in the U.S.A. is a high priority for me. Congratulations!" 

James Williams Portland, OR 
"Bass players our time has come - the BX1500 is the bass amp we have been waiting for. It has everything that the pro bassist needs to sound great at the show...it has great head room the tone is very tasty. I've used all the other amp heads and the BX1500 beats them all for the price. Try it with an 8x10 cab, you wont go back. I'll never use another brand.....James Williams, bass player for the band Well in Doubt...better get one." 

Spencer Toronto, ON, CA 
"I just got my BX1500 today. It took 2.5 days! That was quick. So far this amp has surpassed all my expectations. I love it. The tube tone is just enough to give it that bit of grit and dirt to the sound, but the versatility of the EQ can't be beat! I'm very very happy. Thank you, Carvin!" 

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