BRX10.4 Bass Speaker Cabinet


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The BRX line was developed for the professional bass player to hold up night after night and gig after gig while giving the best tonal sound quality. The 10.2 and 10.4 enclosures use heavy-duty 56 oz Cast Frame 10 inch bass drivers to give unmatched tone and performance. Their full range and deep tone come from the ported, computer tuned premium 13-ply Russian Birch enclosure. Both the 10.2 and 10.4 are tuned down to 28 and 26 Hz respectively, reaching below the low B string frequency. The new high powered 1" titanium horn driver delivers another 2.5dB output that makes your highs defined. Whether you play 4, 5, or 6 string bass, fretted or fretless, active or passive, the BRx line by Carvin will give you the sound you and your audience can appreciate. Made in the USA. 

- BRX10.2 & BRX10.4 designed for low B - subwoofers not required
- Heavy duty 56 oz cast frame 10" 300 watt drivers
- Professional 1" Titanium HF driver for crisp-slap highs up to 22k Hz
- Russian Birch construction
- Heavy-duty Crossover with high current Speakon™ connectors
- 6-position horn attenuation: -3, -6, -12, -24dB, off, or full on
- DuraTex™ scratch resistant, weatherproof polyurethane finish
- Deep recessed steel handles for easy handling

Titanium HF driver adds a new dimension in high frequency articulation

- 4 heavy-duty 56 oz cast frame 300w 10" woofers
- 1" Titanium compression HF tweeter
- Impedance: 4 ohms, power handling: 1200 Watts
- Reproduces Frequencies from low B (28 Hz to 22k Hz)
- Frequency response 35 to 18kHz +/- 5DB
- Sensitivity: 104DB @ 1w/1m and 135DB @ 1200W
- Caster insert sockets
- Size: 24.5" wide x 18" deep x 27.75" high
- Weight: 96 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California

Chris Francis San Diego, CA 
"I just picked up this cabinet a week ago and I absolutely love it!! 

After reading the forums and trying them out Carvins cabinets in person I have to say this is the single best feature of my bass rig. I play a Carvin LB76 with dual HB pickups with the 18V preamp. To say this bass puts out a lot of power is an understatement. The BRX 10.4 handles it. Several people said it could handle the low end and it does, better than any other 4x10 I've tried. I may add a sub at some point but it would only be for "insurance" purposes.

For anyone considering this cabinet just GET IT!!! It even made a few of my old crappy practice amps sound great! Ha ha! With the money back guarantee you really can't lose." 

Brian Albert Long Island, NY 
"I purchased the BRX10.4NEO cabinet about a week ago and haven't stopped playing it yet. The quality and craftsmanship are excellent, as well as the aesthetic features. The cabinet sounds absolutely stunning, and it reproduces low frequencies remarkably well for a 4X10 enclosure. I get beautiful, deep bass from my 5-string REALLY handles the low B and dare I say...beyond. The deep porting of the cabinet and the Neodymium speakers really make a difference for me, compared to all the other 4X10's I have played and/or owned. I run my Carvin R1000 Series III bass amp in bridge mode, 1000W power to a 1200W cabinet really allows me to get the most power out of my amp and speakers. This is a superior quality bass cabinet for those bassists who seek true thunder. Your search for the ultimate 4X10 cabinet is over, buy this and get ready to agitate car alarms everywhere!" 

Paul Saas Cincinnati, OH
"I play a fretless LB75 and finally found a cabinet to reproduce the low B. I've used it in a duo up to a nine piece band and got nothing but compliments. Whether loud or soft, my bass now has a nice, full sound, a solid low-end platform for the rest of the band. I think that Neo drivers need more watts than conventional magnets to sound good, so turn it up. Got a 5-string? Get a BRX10.4NEO and give your drummer a thrill!! " 

Bruce Spiegel Los Angeles, CA
"I play an LB75 5 string & Rickenbacker 4 string. I do a lot of festival playing & use this cabinet with a GK 700 amp. The definition out of this cabinet is IMPRESSIVE it handles the massive low end beautifully at high volumes easily. I had the previous standard Carvin 4X10 cabinet & it didn't have the power handling of this BRX cabinet. It is truely fantastic, especially for the money. It should have side handles for ease of getting into cars, so it's a bit clutzy to move around, but light for its power handling & a superb piece of reliable speakerosity. OH, the staff at the Hollywood store, Mark, Moshe & gang are just super!" 

Jonathan Atlanta
"The B1500 bass amp is killer. My Ampeg SVT 4 just failed me about 3 weeks ago, so I decided it was time for a change. Oh what a change it was! I recently ordered the B1500 & BRX10.4 Neo, but was still waiting on my cabinet; it was on back order. So I had to play our next gig using my new B1500 amp with my out-of-production Ampeg 1540HLF refridgerator cab. It was like I had a completely new rig just by using the B1500. My sound was actually cutting through the mix! 

I had to call Carvin and tell them they sent me a smaller cabinet than I ordered. However, after I took the 10.2 Neo home with me that night to preview the BRX cabinet's sound, I refused to send it back. I called Carvin the next morning and told them I was keeping it and that they could add it to my order! A 1900 watt BRX 6x10" Neo rig is born! I have been converted, Carvinized! Amen! 

Incredible products, incredible value! Thanks to everyone who makes this possible!" 

Bruce Davis San Diego
"I've had this cab at home for over a week now, and have decided to keep it. It will be replacing both of my SWR cabs, as I am downsizing my gear/setup. I've been switching between a Goliath III (4X10) and a Goliath Sr. (6X10), depending on the gig. Everyone knows the reputation of these cabs, and I really liked the 6x10 with my B1500 head. But I was getting to the point of dreading moving that big box. It rolls good, but lifting it in and out of the truck was a chore! As for the new 10.4NEO: It is slightly lighter than the Goliath III, and the wheels roll well, but it is a bit awkward to move very far as you have to bend over so far and balance it. 

I'm very impressed with the sound of this cab. It is not 'warm' like the Goliath III. It isn't mid-strong like the Goliath Sr. It is strong, solid and full-ranged, with plenty of foundation. It does not seem to color the tone but simply reproduces the input. The slightest changes in tone adjustments at the instrument or the amp are easily heard from this cab. If you need coloration of your sound, look elsewhere. If you want true reproduction, check this one out! I tested it with my B1500 mostly, as that will be my new standard rig. But I also plugged my old Eden WT400 in and was blown away by how great it sounded! I never cared for the earlier Carvin bass amps and cabs (especially the redline series), but this new BRX gear is very impressive!" 

Rob V.  Minnesota
"Tonight I ran a loud karaoke gig using one Carvin 18" in a quality home made theil small bin and one mid pack. I use two 18's on my loudest gigs. I toss an HD1800 on the 18's and it thumps hard and deep. I just got my BRX10.4 NEO and a/b'ed it against the 18. It was so much more efficient, punchy, and deeper, that I had to redo my EQ and crossover settings. I had to reduce the low graphics and channel strip lows, and had to increase the volume to the mid packs 25 %. When I fired it up at home, it blew away two EV 15's in deep tone, punch, and volume, and these tow boxes come real close to keeping up with my two 18 bins... One very popular and excellent company mentioned that their 4 X 10 bin moves as much air as 2 eighteens. I compared specs and price and Carvin NEO was the winner. I always thought 10's could be the low end of a P.A. if long throw projection wasn't needed. For me, it means moving in one 76 pound 10.4 NEO instead of two 65 pound 18 inch bins." 

Tony V. Loxahatchee, FL 
"This cab is a MONSTER. I've owned several models of cabs from a company who claim to set the STANDARD. Well, a new standard has been made. My sound guy, who I have used for 11 years, was excited when I wheeled it in the door. He had been wanting to hear one for a long time. During sound check he was floored, the other bass players from the other bands came in from outside to see what it was that filled the venue with such a clear and clean rumble. No body could believe that the cab was so versatile. I tune to drop C, but use a good amount of mids and the cab reproduces every note perfectly. FYI, I'm pushing it with a BX1500." 

Gilbert Beltran San Diego, CA 
"I bought the BRX 10.4 NEO cab to use it with my Carvin BX1200 in bridge mode and its the best bass cab I ever owned. Its super loud, clean and it can handle the LOW B really good. It sounds better than an 1x18 and 4x10 together. Before buying this cab I tested other 4x10, 6x10 and even 8x10 cabs but they couldnt handle that much power. I would say that this BRX 10.4 is way better than the overpriced Ampeg cabs and other brands out there." 

Dale Swords Michigan 
"I have been a professional bassist for 40 years and still going strong. This bass rig is by far the best sounding amp I've ever owned. It was a first time Carvin purchase, and I WILL be ordering much more!!!" 

Ron Skinner Hollis, NY
"Got to say it one of the best sounding cabinet I played though. It has one of the best low B tone I ever heard. I got one to try, now I own two of them. I'll getting rid of my Eden 4/10 cab for these. I must say the BRX cabinets with NEO speakers are winner." 

Mario Sangermano Nashville, TN 
"The BRX10.4NEO cab has a great low end, tight mid, and clear highs. the construction is outstanding, the look is intense. I would highly recommend this cabinet for any type of gig, over anything Ampeg, SWR, and the like put out. Can't beat the price or quality. Keep it up." 

Scott Miller Charlotte, NC 
"I am a 20 year veteran bassist. I recently started playing a 5 string bass. My old Eden cabinet could NOT handle the low B frequencies. Carvin's 4x10 NEO series fixed my problem. This cabinet is built like a tank. The low B notes do not break up like my Eden. Top quality cabinet @ a fair price. Made in the USA....God bless our country!!!" 

Cameron Brimmer Salem, CT
"I have had my BRX10.4NEO for almost a year now, and its still going strong. It's been through many hardworking practices and it is still going strong, it now handles my lows in my current rig, with a Rl410T handling highs/mids powered in stereo with a R600 Series II head. It is far more superior than the vintage Fender 4x10 powered by a BXR series head that I had been using prior to its arrival, the low B is so clear, and even when I turn up all the lows on my amp and the master volume up, it's still clear. I havn't heard a cab this tremendous ever, plus it has more punch than a single 18. Definitely worth it!" 

Kurt West Palm, FL
"Ladies and Gentlemen please rise and bow to the new KING of sound. This cabinet is the best I have played on in all my 25 years of being a musician. I have played on the industry 'standards' for years. Peavey, Acoustic, GK, Hartke, SWR, Fender, and the list goes on. I have long looked at (but never played) Carvin. I recently had the opportunity to hear and play with Carvin equipment. Well, I immediately went in search and bought a B1500 with a BRX 4.10 Neo. This is the last equipment I will ever play on. The sound reproduction is the best I have ever heard. This set up does not change the sound of my bass it reproduces it exact. The quality of the cabinet, the power 1200w is more than you will ever need playing in any club or venue. My sound man actually had a tear in his eye when I plugged her in and started playing. He did not have to make any adjustments to my sound. He told me that the sound this cabinet made was perfect. As you know we never hear perfect from a sound man! Thank you Carvin for making superior quality equipment at unbelievable prices. Made in the U.S.A.!" 

Jake Absher Charlotte, NC 
"18 year bass veteran, I play in the Charlotte NC area with my prog metal band as well as a contemporary praise and worship band. My BRX cab goes everywhere and handles everything!! We gig 2 to 3 times a week and the soundmen are always amazed!! "Boy that thing has got some juice!!" Using a Line6 x3pre into a DCM1000 power amp. Rock solid Carvin!" 

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