BR410 4x10" BR Series 800W 4ohm bass cabinet


List:$499.00 $399.00

The BR series cabinets incorporate very efficient Low Frequency drivers delivering accurate tone with high output. Expect a deep resonate bass from these systems along with a tight, punchy, slap & pop high-end. Extended mid range also makes your bass sound alive. 

- Titanium HF driver for crisp-slap highs
- Cross grain laminated multi-ply plywood enclosure construction
- Heavy internal bracing eliminates unwanted cabinet resonance
- Dado joints are assembled with 3000 lbs tensile strength glue
- 16 ga. perforated steel grill
- Covered in black vinyl with recessed handles

- Four heavy-duty 200w 10" woofers, 1" Titanium HF driver
- Imp: 4 ohms, power handling: 800 Watts
- Precision crossover with 5 position HF attenuator
- Frequency Response: 40 to 20kHz (-10DB) 
- Sensitivity: 107dB @ 1w and 136 dB @ 800w
- Covered in black vinyl
- Size: 22.25" wide x 18.25" deep x 25.5" high
- Weight: 66 lbs
- Made in San Diego, California

Abram Gonzlez El Paso, TX 
"This cab is amazing! I love it great lows, great highs, great Mids! Very well put together! I'd recommend any Carvin cab to anyone!" 

Jeff S. Texas 
"Got the BR410-4C to compliment my BX500 amp. This cab thumps!" 

Ray Lavigne New Hampshire 
"I just got this bottom last week, the 4 ohm at 800 WT model. It has a nice punchy CLEAR tone, very full range for a bass bottom! I push it with a Markbass Tube800 head (800WTS at 4 ohms) so it's a perfect marrage and I've honestly never heard the head sound this good before using different bottoms. The rig makes both my Carvin LB basses sound amazing. I also play a Roland Juno synth through it and because of the wide range of tone it works great as a keyboard bottom too. My only regret is my head doesn't say CARVIN.......... Next time!" 

Al Vanderford Oregon
"This cabinet has really beefed up my sound, what clear mid punch. Well built as usual, I have been a Carvin user for 20 years and they never disappoint. Great customer service!!" 

Jeff Sacramento, CA 
"Just tried out my new BR410 cab to accompany my BX500 bass combo amp at practice. This combo really Thumps. This will be jammin' in any club and really push out some notes for outdoor venue's. Thanks Carvin, you guys really rock it with your great products!! Any bassist should look into the Carvin line of bass amps and combo, made in San Diego in the good ole' USA. Great prices, great Craftsmanship!! Thanks again Carvin, you guys rock it right!!"

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