Wireless monitor systems are a terrific alternative to cumbersome floor monitor wedges, facilitating greater freedom of movement while enabling one to hear everything in either high fidelity mono or stereo. That is what the EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System is all about. Ideal for both on stage use and rehearsals, performers can use as many as 16 complete EM900 systems simultaneously on stage and any number of EM901 stereo receivers on the same frequency. Take your live performance to the next level with a wireless monitor system from Carvin!

EM901 Extra Receiver for EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System
Add an Extra receiver for the EM900 wireless in-ear monitor system.


Carvin PM10A Active Powered Speaker

EM-DR 1U Rack Mount Kit for EM900
Mount your EM900 in your rack with this handy rack-mount kit. Holds one EM900 transmitter. Includes mounting hardware. 1 rack space.


EM-RM 1U Rack Mount Kit for two EM900
The EM-RM is a dual rack kit allowing 2 EM900 transmitters to be rack-mounted side-by-side. The rack ears attach with the included phillips head screws to the sides of the EM900. The center bar slides apart when the set screws are loosened by the included allen wrench. Note: the center bar has 2 different size set screws. Loosen only the screws that match the included Allen wrench. Attach each side of the center bar to the EM900 transmitters. Then slide the center bars together, connecting the two transmitters with the interlocking channel. Tighten the set screw with the included Allen wrench. Both EM900 transmitters will now fit in a standard 19" 1U rack space.


EM902 Earbuds for EM900 In-Ear Personal Monitor System
Add extra earbuds to your EM900 in-ear personal monitor system. Includes 3 sizes of soft earbud tips. Suitable for other applications, such as an MP3 player.


EM901CLIP Replacement Belt Clip
Replacement belt clip for EM901 wireless transmitter. Steel construction.