carvin steve vai legacy drive all tube guitar preamp pedal

Steve Vai Legacy Drive

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Steve Vai Legacy Drive

Steve Vai in concert using the Legacy Drive guitar preamp pedal

Legacy Tone Anywhere you need it

Steve Vai wanted the original tube tone of the Legacy 1 in a format he could pack in a carry-on. We answered the challenge with the Legacy Drive. Take your tone anywhere with the versatility and portability of the Legacy Drive. The VLD1’s  tube technology with simple, yet comprehensive and modern features delivers the sound of Steve Vai’s Legacy amplifier in a preamp pedal.

Legacy Drive User manual

Download the user manual for the Legacy Drive Tube Guitar Preamp Pedal here. 

carvin steve vai legacy drive tube guitar preamp

Carvin Steve Vai Legacy Drive All Tube Guitar Preamp Pedal 12ax7 view


Reproducing the true Legacy sound could only come from real 12AX7 tubes, utilizing the full Legacy preamp circuit. The four gain stages and tone stacks are faithfully incorporated into the Legacy Drive.

Steve Vai in concert using the Carvin Legacy Drive VLD1 Tube Preamp pedal


All the sounds you need in one compact package. Go from shimmering cleans to a thick, crunchy drive. Find your sound with three main modes:

Clean Legacy - Green          

Lead Legacy - Red   

High Gain Legacy - Yellow


The passive BASS, MID, TREBLE, and PRESENCE tone controls are the same tube-driven tone circuits used in our iconic, well-loved Legacy amplifiers.


Active cabinet voicing emulates the response of Steve's C412T Legacy 4x12 guitar cabinet. Perfect for performing or recording when your favorite guitar cab is not available.


The Legacy Drive can be used in a variety of configurations that best suit your needs. Use it as a stomp box, go direct into the mixing board, plug your headphones in to practice, or use it to drive your favorite power amp. Perfect for both the stage and studio.

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