Christopher Nickels Everett, WA
"Been using it both for practice and regular live shows in some very large venues for almost a year now, and it is a very flexible, user friendly amp that is capable of getting quite a lot of great tones. It responds quite well to different tube swaps to get the right amount of gain from heavy metal to classic rock, to blues, and is reliable. The midi function is great to either mate it with a midi controller pedalboard, rack effects system or other on the floor effects processor so your floor device can change amp channels. I regularly have people come to the stage and ask what kind of amp I use. I highly recommend it." 


Levi Triplett East Helena, MT
"When I saw this head I knew I had to have one ,and it exceeded my expectations greatly. It is so versatile and simple to use that it is unbelievable. I play it with a variety of music that requires more specific guitar tones, and it works spectacularly well. Thanks Carvin for building such an awesome amp, I will use these amps forever!"