BX1600 Bass Amplifier Head

The BX series bass amplifiers offer classic, natural bass tone with unprecedented EQ control and extended headroom.

Carvin Amplifiers' BX series bass amplifiers offer a wide selection of power ratings from 250W up to 1600W with a Class A input stage, single knob compressor huge amounts of EQ in the form of mid-sweep parametric EQs and a 9-bands of graphic EQ (excluding the BX250), and an active Direct box built in.

B2000 Bass Amplifier Head

The mighty B2000 mono block head has been called the "King" for its massive 2050 watts and huge tone.

Carvin Amplifiers' B series bass amplifiers offer two power ratings of 900W from the B1000 and 2050W from the monster B2000. These two bass amps provide a class A input stage, built in active Direct box, and simple EQ adjustment from six precision placed tone controls.




BR410 four 10-inch, 1200 Watt Bass speaker cabinet

The BR series bass speaker cabinets offer the classic vinyl covered look, natural bass tone, and light weight from Premium Poplar plywood construction.

Carvin Amplifiers' BR series come in dual 10-inch and four 10-inch. These classic vinyl covered cabinets feature Premium Poplar plywood construction, our work horse, heavy duty PS series speakers and metal handles, corners, and grills.


B2000 Bass Amplifier HeadBRx SERIES

The BRx bass cabinet line was developed for the professional bass player to hold up night after night and gig after gig while giving the best tonal sound quality.

The BRx series bass speaker cabinets, the BRx10.2 and BRx10.4, use heavy-duty 56 oz Cast Frame 10 inch bass drivers to give unmatched tone and performance, and are constructed out of Russian Baltic Birch plywood.



MB12 3-Way 12inch Bass Amplifier Combo


Carvin Amplifiers' MB bass amplifier combo series is based on the BX250 head and offers big sound in small packages. Ideal for small venues, practice amp, a recording amp or add an extension for bigger gigs.




MB1215 MB12 & 115MB Bass Amplifier Rig
BX1600 and BR410 half stack
B2000 & BRx10.2 dual 10inch 2000W Bass Amplifier Rig

Bass systems can be found in each of the series or in a collection with all the pre-configured bass rigs. Of course, you can create your rig and make it yours with our custom vinyl options.

Carvin Amplifiers offers half stack and full stack bass amplifier head and cabinet(s) rigs in a variety of 2 X 10, 4 X 10, 1x15 configurations. Choose a BX or B series bass head and then choose from the many cabinets in the BR or BRx series, or choose an MB series with an extension speaker for a very compact rig.