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Churches, temples and mosques, and the many other houses of worship need sound systems with a huge range of sizes and requirements.  It could be a system for a large worship center or a very small system for an activity room.  Carvin Audio has all you need from portable systems to large custom install systems.

Use the list below to get to your area of need based on the area of worship where the system will be installed, what type of coverage you need or if you just need some parts to complete a current system.

Main Worship Center systems:

Line Array Systems

TRx3210 line array element

Our Line array systems are composed of the TRx3210 passive and the TRx3210A active line array elements. Whether you go passive or active depends on your unique install needs with either cabinet having the same coverage and scale able needs up to 16 cabinets high for very large worship centers and outdoor events up to 9000 persons or areas of coverage from as small as 100x100 feet to large outdoor events and arenas.

The TRx3118 and Active TRx3118A single 18-inch subwoofer can stack on the ground or hang with the TRx3210 for a complete system off the floor and out of sight. For larger low frequency requirements the TRx3218 dual 18-inch subwoofer is idea for a powerful low end with larger TRx3210 arrays.

For these systems, call our expert system designers who will listen to your needs and determine the right American made system for your application.


TRC Column Array Systems

TRx3903 Column array element

Our TRC column systems are composed of the TRx3903 column array element and either the TRx3018A or TRx3010A subwoofers. These column array systems are excellent for large to small churches or temples that need wide coverage for both very close and distant congregation members listening. They can be installed permanently or left in a portable mode for use in other areas or your worship center. The thin size of the column and internal power and processing of the subwoofers makes the TRC systems easy to setup and manage. The column array provides unique coverage with very little vertical sound from the column. This unique low vertical coverage is ideal for very active reverberate rooms with intelligibility issues, high ceilings or a long echos.  Many churches and temples have upgraded to our TRC systems and have had many comments from their congregations on how much better they understand the sermons and lessons.

Four stereo systems are available, based on the subwoofer choice and number of subwoofers required.

If your service has a live band with more demand in the low frequency ranges, we recommend the TRC400A or for increased bass the TRC600A system with double the subwoofers.  These two systems use TRx3018A single 18 inch subwoofers with plenty of big bass available.

If your service area is smaller or is mostly spoken word with some live music, the TRC410A or the TRC610A system with double the subwoofers will require less space and provide plenty of full range response. These two systems use the TRx3010A dual 10 inch subwoofers with plenty of bass available in an very compact size.

If you have any question on these systems, call our expert system designers who will listen to you needs and determine the right American made system for your application.


TRC400A column array systemTRC400A column array systemTRC400A column array system




Smaller worship center or fellowship hall Systems

If you need to target a small area, build up your monitors on stage, or add more subwoofers to your system the TRx2000 series and SCx series have the ideal cabinets for the job.

TRx2000 Series

The TRx2000 series consist of conventional cabinet designs with high efficiency speaker components and crossover designs. They are designed for specific coverage patterns, higher power and include rigging points for hanging. Single cabinets can be used in a portable mode on speaker stands, stacked on subwoofers or they can be hung for targeted coverage in a permanent install.

The TRx2115 or TRx2115A is perfect for medium to small locations needing a full range cabinet. Several can be placed together to widen the coverage. The TRx2115A with its internally processed bass enhance feature can extend the range of the cabinet to add some subwoofer frequencies where add subwoofers is not convenient.

The TRx2153A is an active larger cabinet with a dedicated mid frequency horn section for increase intelligibility and clarity. Pair it with the TRx2218A dual 18-inch subwoofer for a larger system.

Monitors for stage

The TRx2000 series also features two excellent monitors for the stage use. The TRx12N is recommended for very high end near field monitoring in tight locations. Featuring a coaxial 12-inch driver and a tight 30 degree low profile cabinet design for up close listening. The TRx2115 and active TRx2115A is both an excellent main and monitor speaker handling more low end response needs with a 15 inch woofer high power output with a large format horn driver.




SCx1000 Series

SCx1253 adn SCx1118A

For smaller requirements, but still important high fidelity and output, the SCX1000 series is an excellent alternative to the TRx series. The SCX1253 can be hung and provides an ideal full range 3-way system only requiring an added subwoofer for higher demanding low frequency situations. Ideal for both stacked and hanging permanent install situations with internal hanging points. The SCX1253 produces big bass with dual 15-inch driver and clear mid range and high frequencies with wide 90 degree horn loaded drivers. This cabinet has been used in clubs and hung in high school gymnasiums. It is excellent for larger activity halls. For more low end requirements the SCx1118A is a size compatible power 18-inch subwoofer.

The SCX1000 series provides conventional 90x60 degree coverage for small to large venue sizes, where power and fidelity count. Built with High performance drivers and components, Baltic Birch plywood construction and weather resistant Duratec™ covering.


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For help with designing your custom system call us. Our expert system designer will listen to your needs and put together an American made system for you.