Carvin Audio’s Limited Warranty is void under the following conditions: a) product was modified, b) speakers and drivers have burnt, discolored, rubbing, or open voice coils, c) moisture, d) salt/smoke/contaminants, e) natural disasters, f) accidents, g) abuse, h) lack of reasonable care, or i) damaged caused to speakers or horn drivers caused by any amplifier.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Warranties are not transferable.

No representative or person is authorized to represent or assume for CARVIN CORP any liability in connection with the sale or service of CARVIN products. CARVIN CORP shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges.

All rights are reserved to change policy, specifications, options, features or pricing at any time.


All guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, mixers and pro sound equipment are warranted for 1 YEAR against manufacturer’s defects.


All power amplifiers are warranted for 3 YEARS against manufacturer’s defects.


All Passive speaker systems are warranted for 3 YEARS. All Active speaker systems carry the same warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


All Microphones, except wireless products are warranted for 1 YEAR.


Wireless products are warranted for 90 days against manufacturer’s defects.


All tubes are warranted for 90 days against manufacturer’s defects.


All lead-acid batteries are warranted for 90 days against manufacturer’s defects.


CARVIN does not repair products over 5 years from the invoice date. However, we do offer a new product EXCHANGE program, which a number of products qualify for. Your service tech may can look for schematics  here. We also have a limited selection of repair parts for your technician.

CARVIN owners have a choice of 3 different service plans, which must be selected before your service starts: 

1) HOURLY + PARTS – The SERVICE RATE is $95 per hour plus the cost of PARTS with a minimum 1 hour charge.

2) FLAT FEE - The FLAT FEE rate is all inclusive, which includes PARTS & LABOR (except speakers) for one up-front price regardless of the hours and parts required to repair your unit.


        TUBE AMPS : 50w: $225, 100w amps: $295.

All other amp heads or combos: $195,                 

        MIXERS including powered up to 8 channels: $175, up to 12 channels: $225, 16 channels: $255,

        24 channels: $295, 32 channels: $295,

POWER AMPS up to 2000w: $200, up to 3800w $295,

        ACTIVE SPEAKER POWER MODULES: up to 1000w: $165, up to 2500w: $225, PASSIVE


For service, RETURN YOUR UNIT following the instructions under RETURNING and REPAIRS page. Include the RMA form with your shipment. After being serviced, our SERVICE DEPT will call with the amount to be charged, plus shipping.

3) EXCHANGE – Our exchange program is for similar products if your unit has failed and is out of warranty. We offer a (30%-not stated on the site) discount off the regular price for a new, similar replacement. The advantage of this program is that you receive: a) a brand new unit, b) a new warranty, c) and there is no return required. If you wish to exchange for a new product, call our SERVICE DEPT 800-854-2235 or 858-521-6005 to find out your discount. Please provide the serial number of your unit that is to be discarded and proof (picture) that your unit was destroyed verifying that it can’t be re-used or sold or send a receipt with the serial number from a recycle center. 

SPEAKER ENCLOSURES are not recommended to return because of their size and cost to ship. Instead determine the defective component (active power amp, speaker, horn driver, crossover, etc) and return only that component. These components have modular connectors for easy removal. In some cases, it may only be an input jack that is defective. Burnt or discolored components, including open and discolored voice coils are not covered under warranty.


Non-serviceable items include cables, microphones and wireless products.

Prior to returning your repair, all charges are to be paid for including shipping.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges.

For service outside the USA, contact your local dealer.