Audio System Demo Program

Demo Program
You’ve heard about Carvin Audio Sound Systems-
now Carvin Audio is bringing them to you for a personal demo.
If you are in the Southwest or Southeast United States, Carvin Audio will send a member of our factory demo team to you and give you a full presentation of one of our TRX 3000 series or TRC sound systems. Demonstrations are free and there is no deposit required. Complete the demonstration request form and you will be contacted immediately by a member of our team to schedule your personal demo.
Demonstration Request Form
Blue wave logo Indicates the Carvin Audio Factory Demo Team territories on the map.

Southeast Territory:
Panama City
New Orleans
Baton Rouge

Southwest Territory:
Los Angeles County
Riverside County

Orange County
San Diego County

Las Vegas

Black Wave logo Indicates the Dealers and representatives on the map.

Please use the form above to request a demo from a dealer near you, if you are outside of the Carvin Audio Factory demo territories.
Available systems will vary by dealer, so we want to contact the dealer and make sure the gear you want to demo is available.



1 I filled out the request form, now what?
a You will be contacted by phone or email so that we may gather all the necessary information about your sound system needs and to gather detailed information about the demo location. We will confirm a demo date and time from this phone call.

2 What can I expect from the demo?
a . You can expect a professional and courteous Carvin Audio sound engineer to arrive on time at the agreed destination with everything needed for the system demo. You can expect a full technical walk through of the system and all your questions will be answered

3 Do I need to provide power?
a Yes, we ask that you provide a location that has at least two 15-20 amp circuits. Some systems may require four or more 15-20 amp circuits.

4 Do I have to purchase the demo system?
a No, after the demonstration you will be asked if you want to purchase the system. If you decide you want to purchase the system, we will be able to take your information and have a new system sent to you.

5 Can I purchase the sound system that was used at my demo?
a In most circumstances, yes, you can. The advantage to this is that you save on shipping costs and have an immediate system to use. All demo systems are in new condition and come with our full manufacture’s warranty.

6 How long does the demonstration last?
a You can expect the demonstration to last 2-3 hours from arrival to departure. The systems themselves are quick to set up. We allow time to explain the operation, technical details, answer your questions and of course do the sound demo.

7 Can I play my own music?
a Of course….. We recommend WAV digital files (uncompressed audio from a CD). To obtain a WAV file, when importing a CD into iTunes, set your import settings to WAV. This will generate a large file typically around 45MB - 70MB per song depending on the length. We discourage MP3 files even though today’s MP3’s are much improved over early standards, they still only contain about 1/10 of the data that a WAV file contains, robbing you of the full audio listing experience.

8 Can my band plug in and jam?
We will gladly mix a few inputs (vocal, instruments) so you can hear how you will sound through your new Carvin Audio system. We will not be able to connect and mix a full band with drums etc. due to time required to connect up a full band.

9 Is the demo loud?
a Yes. Our sound systems produce an extremely high SPL that is clear and easy to listen to. That being said, these sound systems can be heard from several blocks away. If your demonstration is occurring in a residential zone, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND talking to your surrounding neighbors and advising them that a demo will be occuring and to have them contact you of any issues vs. calling the local law enforcement. We would hate for the demonstration to get cut short. For this reason, demonstrations will only be scheduled between 10AM and 7PM.