Archive - UX16-MC Hand Held Mic Transmitter and UHF Receiver

UX16-MC wireless

Discontinued 2017 -

See our latest wireless microphone systems for superior performance improvements in audio quality and multi-system setups.

The UX16-MC professional wireless systems are built to last. 16 channels offer the freedom of running multiple systems simultaneously - no more buying one frequency systems that you have to specify each frequency. Rack mount one or two UX systems together with the optional UX-DR rack mount chassis. The UX-MC hand held system utilizes our finest CM68 element for crisp hi-end with a smooth bottom-end. Our latest dual AA batteries technology replaces the old 9V battery system lasting up to 25 hours without changing. The PLL (phase lock loop) engineering uses UHF technology (ultra high frequencies) to assure the signal carrier is locked-in for up to 300'. Dual Diversity receivers automatically switch to the best signal path so you don't get drop-outs - Full band width with less than .5% THD delivers impeccable sound that even the high priced systems lack - Step up to UX wireless so you'll never have to buy another system - this is your last stop for your wireless needs!

The current version of this system does not operate in the 700mhz spectrum, and is therefore unaffected by the recent FCC ban on wireless gear operating on this frequency.




- Specifications: 50 Hz to 18k Hz. 
- S/N ratio: 100dB
- Wireless frequency: 692 - 697.975 Mhz 
- Audio Input: 600 ohms XLR
- Stability: ±.005%
- Freq. stability: ±0.005% 
- Crystal controlled, powered by AC/DC power adapter (provided). AA batteries required.
- Warranty: 90 days.
- Dimensions: 8.701" wide x 1.575" high x 5.984" deep



Rick Denny Texas 
"I received this wireless HH mic as a bonus for purchasing 8 of the PM speakers. It was a little shocker. I use Shure, Sennheiser, and EV mics on a regular basis and have used others as well. I didn't expect this thing to work so well. After trying it out, I may order one in the future because it works very well and it is inexpensive." 

Brian Oakey Melbourne, FL 
"I received this mic and was pleasantly surprised due to the price. It compares quite favorably to the Shure PGX SM58 wireless that I have used. The receicer is more sturdy, and the tone is great! It is easy to use and I can't say anything negative about it. I own so much Carvin gear from basses, guitars, bass amps, boards, speakers, amplifiers, cables, etc. and they all perform great. I own a sound reinforcement business, and my wife is a guitar/bass player. I play guitar and am astounded by the Cobalt series of acoustics. This mic offers the same quality/value as all Carvin products. I highly recommend it." 

John Hunt Hendersonville, TN 
"I purchased my UX16-MC cordless microphone last year. I have used this microphone for DJing, Karaoke, and for singing in my band on weekends, it has performed flawlessly!! It has been used on average 3 to 4 times a week, for as long as I have had it, and it justs keeps sounding great! I noticed that I do not have to change batteries in this microphone nearly as much as my old Shure wireless, and this UX16-MC sounds better, and cost alot less!! I highly recommend this Wireless Microphone, to anyone who wants a terrific, reliable, great sounding, mic. at an incredible price... oh, and Carvins service is fantastic (my mic was at my front door two days after ordering)." 

Terry Douglass Oklahoma City, OK 
"I just got my wireless. It is awsome. It sounds better than all my other mics, wired or wireless, and this includes the Samsom 55 Stage Wireless, +2 other wired mics. I love it. The only problem is how to get another one. Thank you CARVIN." 

Cole Ford Wisconsin 
"Just used for first gig for a long time client. The mic worked flawlessly. The client was extremely happy so what more can I say...Thanks Carvin for making incredibly affordable gear and not wasting our money on advertising when I am going to tell everyone I know to buy Carvin. I am going to buy more of these!" 

George H Harwell Texas
"Had these about a month and have used them in all kinds of places. Work better than anything we have had to this point. Have gotten many nice remarks about how good the sound is. Well worth the money . Have friends who have much higher priced units that do not sound as good. Thanks guys. Great item." 

William Anthony Ims Carlsbad, CA 
"After doing a lot of research about other name-brand systems, I chose to install a Carvin (XP100L-PM15) PA system in a 300-person assembly hall. I added two UX16-MC hand-held mics in my order. Wow! Was I pleasantly surprised! The Carvin UX16 wireless microphones perform flawlessly and deliver a rich warm tone. We even tested the range from outside the building. There were no skips or loss of quality. I also like the fact that these mics use AA batteries instead of 9v. 

As a former "Shure only" user, I tried the Carvin for budget reasons. Now I can say for quality as well. The Carvin team in San Diego is great to work with. Unlike other stores, you can try the system at Carvin and they offer a 10-day happiness guarantee. Buy from Carvin with confidence. You'll be glad you did." 

DJ Malarky Albuquerque, NM 
"I recently purchased this microphone to add to another DJ set up without breaking the bank. I needed something to rival my shure mic at half the cost. Well not only did I find it with the UX16-MC, It also was just as clear and had a seriously long range. Transmitter in the country club and I'm walking approx 400 feet outside on the golf course and my brother is telling me it's crystal inside. I will never purchase another wireless mic for my DJ needs. Once again, Carvin wins. Thank you!!!"