Archive - UX16-BP UHF Wireless Receiver and Body Pack Transmitter

Discontinued 2017 -

See our latest wireless microphone systems for superior performance improvements in audio quality and multi-system setups.

The UX professional wireless systems are built to last. 16 channels offer the freedom of running multiple systems simultaneously - no more buying one frequency systems that you have to specify each frequency. Rack mount one or two UX systems together with the optional UX-DR rack mount chassis. The UX-MC hand held system utilizes our finest CM68 element for crisp hi-end with a smooth bottom-end. Our latest dual AA batteries technology replaces the old 9V battery system lasting up to 25 hours without changing, and the PLL (phase lock loop) engineering uses UHF technology (ultra high frequencies) to assure the signal carrier is locked-in for up to 300'. Dual Diversity receivers automatically switch to the best signal path so you don't get drop-outs. Full bandwidth with less than .5% THD delivers impeccable sound that even the high priced systems lack. 

Step up to UX wireless so you'll never have to buy another system - this is your last stop for your wireless needs! 

Package includes receiver and body pack - order appropriate headset mic, lav mic or guitar cable to complete your system. 

The current version of this system does not operate in the 700mhz spectrum, and is therefore unaffected by the recent FCC ban on wireless gear operating on this frequency.




- Frequency Response: -3db @ 40 Hz & -10db @ 30 Hz (suitable for guitar, bass or similar instruments)
- S/N ratio: 100dB
- Wireless frequency: 692 - 697.975 Mhz 
- Audio Input: 600 ohms XLR
- Stability: ±.005%
- Freq. stability: ±0.005%
- Crystal Controlled
- Powered by AC/DC power adapter (provided)
- Warranty: 90 days
- AA batteries required
- Dimensions: 8.701" wide x 1.575" high x 5.984" deep



Elizabeth Bowles
"Due to my equipment being stolen recently I ordered the Carvin UX16-MC wireless microphone but it was on backorder. At the same time I also ordered the PM1000 wireless in-ear monitor system. While waiting on the Carvin UX16-MC unit to arrive I purchased a Shure U24S/BETA58 wireless unit from a local store since I own a Beta 58 wired mic. After using the Shure wireless microphone for 4 or 5 shows the Carvin UX16-MC arrived. I was excited to test the difference between the two mics especially for the difference in price but I was not ready for the results. The Carvin UX16-MC out preformed the Shure by an audible presence in the sound of my voice and the ease of use by our soundman by dialing in the eq and gain for the mic. And the PM1000 unit with the KOSS 1 ear buds or my E3 ear buds sounds just as good and performs the same as my PSM200 did. My hats off to an excellent job by Carvin to deliver a quality wireless microphone and in ear personal monitor system for a decent price. I have shared my findings with other musicians in the local scene and will continue to talk nothing but excellence about your products." 

Jimmy Indiana
"I play an ICON-5 bass and throughout my life as a bass player I have never found a wireless unit that didn't drain my tones! The Carvin UX-16 is amazing! Never lose tone and it has amazing range! My band plays in a cement basement, we walked outside and far into my yard while playing and it did not miss a note! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" 

Jeff Oklahoma 
"I recieved the system today and after a few min tweaking the sound levels i got it right where I wanted it. Your probably not going to use it in the studio and I have never met anyone that would use any wireless in that situation, but for a live show the sound is as good as any system i have used in the past with a few added bonuses. First there is a leather case that securely holds your belt pack to your guitar strap. No more back pocket belt packs or the risk of it hitting the floor. Second when the belt pack is turned off with the base unit on, no noise is heard of any kind. Third, this system is dead quiet when in use. No loud hissing of any kind is audible. Fourth, No wall warts either to take up power strip space. With the option to use any of the 16 channels, a great sound and all the other features i have listed i would not hesitate a second to buy another one. Especially for the price that it sold for. Do your self a favor a get one of these." 

Rick Smart Chicago, IL
"Man I get a nice signal in every club we play!! I even get a great signal walking thru the crowd without any fade or delay that usually happens with wireless systems for guitar!! Great product!" 

Robert Wood The Dalles, OR
"This is an excellent value in a wireless guitar system. I use this with my acoustic guitar as I lead worship at my home church. I've never had a problem with signal loss and the tone is outstanding. I usually change the batteries monthly just to be safe and have never had a problem with them getting low, unless I acidentally leave the unit on. I'm also impressed with the versatility. the base unit and body pack can be used with guitar, headset mic or lapel mic. While there are less expensive wireless units out there, you can't beat the features and quality of this unit for the price."